Italian style, unbelievable prices

Distinctify is a concept that is being set up to challenge the perception that high-design and high quality have to be synonymous with eye-wateringly high prices. My name is Thomas Elliott and I have been involved in the furniture industry for longer than I can remember. My father Mark Elliott set up his company, Distinction, over 30 years ago and has been making high quality furniture for 5 star hotels and luxury residential properties globally ever since.

Many of my childhood memories with him involve being woken early on Saturday mornings and shuffled bleary eyed into the car on the way to the showroom. Furniture is a business that doesn’t take weekends and so neither did he. I would help him around the showroom installing new displays, putting together quotes, eavesdropping on meetings as he guided his clients to getting the most beautiful, high quality furniture available for their projects.

Somehow after a few years working for large corporate tech companies, I have ended up here, setting up Distinctify with the backing of Distinction. We want to bring beautifully designed, Italian inspired furniture to everyone not just those with fat wallets. Using Distinction’s 30 year high quality manufacturing partners we are bringing the price of beautiful unique furniture tumbling down. This blog will tell the story of Distinctify as we get it up and running, providing design insight, a window into our world and a useful resource for anyone looking for inspiration for their own interior design.

We promise one thing, Italian style and unbelievable prices.

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