4 ways to improve your home right now for free

Let’s face it, Interior design and designer furniture is expensive and not all of us have the luxury of being able to overhaul our homes whenever we feel like it. Whether it is lack of time, motivation or money there is often something standing in the way of giving your spaces an upgrade that they may desperately need. Luckily for you we have some ideas that can transform your home without an interior designer in only a few minutes for free so you have no excuse not to get stuck in. 

Declutter your furniture

Every home always has some clutter around, it is part of what makes it feel homely and lived in, but it is amazing what a quick reorganisation of this clutter can do. Take your bedroom as an example. Snap a picture of the areas of your room so that you are looking at them through new eyes and ask yourself if there is anything surplus. You will probably find there are a couple of things or items of furniture that could be put away or hidden which could make the space feel lighter and more inviting.

How to declutter your home

Get rid of something

Coco Chanel famously said that you should get dressed, look in the mirror and then take off one accessory. Sage advice from a style guru and you should bring this into your own interior design. Like it or not, most homes have a little too much stuff. Taking one or two items of furniture or accessories out of any room will really help to create a more relaxing breathable atmosphere. Remember, less is more. That doesn’t mean you need to throw that side table or trinket away, merely move it to another room or put it into storage and rotate it into your design periodically.

Removing items from your home.

Make room to breathe

You may not believe it but your furniture hates being crowded just as much as you do. If you can move it apart even a few inches it can make a big difference to the room by increasing sight lines which will make it feel larger (see our tips on how to make even a small home seem larger).

Make more space in your living room

Learn to love angles

One way to make a room a little more exciting is to take some furniture and angle it a bit. It sounds so simple but makes such a difference. Try it with an armchair or an ottoman to instantly update your look.

So now that you know the tricks, there's no excuse...

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