4 ways to make your home look more expensive

November 15, 2017

4 ways to make your home look more expensive

Have you ever walked into a truly impressive home? A place where every piece is obviously there on purpose. An interior design scheme that just works and furniture that looks expensive. All of these things come together to create something truly memorable and you are left to head back to your home and wonder how you could possible begin to compete. It happens to me all the time, so I came up with some ideas to get back to a level playing field. Here are 4 tips to help you get closer to a truly impressive home. 

Buy picture frames in bulk and fill them 

Art on the walls makes an interior design scheme look intentional and complete. You can use colours in it to complement the colours in your furniture. If you have a blue sofa then get a piece of art that will continue that colour up on your walls. You can pick up second hand frames for next to nothing. 

Make minimalism your friend 

You will get a much more coherent and stylish look by focusing on the essentials instead of the superfluous. In a living room for example all you need is a place to sit and somewhere to rest and drink, so a sofa and coffee table can fill all the space you need and look intentional in the process. Interior design on a budget.

Stick to your colour palette

One of the main things that sets interior design apart from just shopping for furniture is a defined colour palette. Choose this at the beginning and rigidly stick to it no matter how much you love that fluorescent orange side table. If it doesn't fit with the palette, it doesn't make it through the door. 

Make sure there is intention to everything you do

You can start straight away without buying anything new. If you have trinkets on your surfaces and throw cushions on your sofas make sure that they have been put there with purpose.  Are your throw cushions scrunched down from when you last Netflixed and chilled? Plump them up and make sure that they look neat and there for a reason.

Ultimately expensive furniture bought without a plan will still look out of place. It is a focus on the little details that will make your home and your furniture look like it has been chosen by an interior designer.

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