5 Best White Marble Buys

5 Best White Marble Buys, Distinctify

If there’s one trend that is set in stone this season (if you’ll pardon the pun) it is white marble. Once the chosen material of the pomp and austere, the opulent rock type has been brought down a peg or two so that it can now be purchased by us mere mortals. Yes, you heard correctly, you no longer need 100 acres and a title to indulge in this classic stone finish. If you’re concerned it may make your humble rental digs seem a little ostentatious, it’s worth noting that  with a neutral palette in smaller spaces, white marble can help a space appear both bigger and brighter. Even though white marble is popular with just about everyone these days, it’s not necessarily accessible. Its reputation may have changed, but its price point certainly has not. On the plus side, there exists an amazing array of marble alternatives that look just as impressive as the real thing. Peruse through our list of ceramic or concrete alternatives to marble that will really rock your interiors.

Marmori Coffee Table

Marmori Coffee Table, Distinctify
Photography credit to Distinctify

While the marble effect laminate top of the Marmori Coffee Table looks just as pristine as real white marble, this marble alternative helps keep the price low without compromising on quality. Its laminate top is harder to mark and easier to clean than a genuine stone finish. Plus with black painted steel legs, the Marmori can certainly stand up to the toils of everyday use.

Habitat Marble Lampshade

Marble Lampshade, Habitat
Photography credit to Habitat

This visually stunning BORNN Lampshade, courtesy of Habitat, is perfect for creating atmosphere in any room. It creates those all important dinner party vibes when hung low over the centre of the table, but is just as effective hung in a living room corner to help you unwind after long and exhausting days. Fusing porcelain and steel together means you get this amazing patterning, unique to each shade, without having to pay through the nose.

Piccolo Side Table

Piccolo Side Table, Distinctify
Photography credit to Distinctify

For a taste of real luxury, invest in the Piccolo and it’s genuine white marble top. I know, a real marble table for under £200. Who’d have thought that was possible? Offset with painted rose gold legs, the Piccolo Side Table is perfect for adding a touch of dainty delicacy to your design scheme. Slight enough to fit into even the smallest of homes, this is a great first step into dabbling in the white marble trend. Soft, refined and pretty damn cute.

Atkin and Thyme Coffee Table

Zodiac coffee table, Atkin and Thyme
Photography credit to Atkin & Thyme

Once you’ve realised that white marble is actually really classy and adds bundles of character to your interiors, you’ll be aching for this statement coffee table from Atkin & Thyme. Much like the Piccolo, but on a larger scale, the Zodiac coffee table has a genuine marble top and is situated upon a painted steel base. It is not unusual for designers to juxtapose clean white marble with industrial metal finishes, allowing the furniture to keep its luxury feel without appearing too obnoxious.

Etsy White Marble Ampersand print

Marble Ampersand Print, Esty
Photography credit to Etsy

From the large to the little, we’re taking it back down a notch with this option. It technically isn’t marble at all, nor even a marble alternative. It’s paper. But trust me, this great print will carry the class and delicacy of white marble into your accessories for an incredibly reasonable price. This Etsy White Marble Ampersand Print is the perfect addition to walls in monochromatic, minimalist spaces. A general life rule ought to be that everything needs a pop of gold. How can anything feel bleak or plain with a touch of gold?

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