5 Iconic Film Sets and Why We Love Them

5 Iconic Film Sets and Why We Love Them, Distinctify

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Contrary to popular belief, it is possible to feel an emotional connection to places that you’ve never been. It is also possible to feel emotionally attached to places that don’t really exist. All those places that you visited week after week, through the magic of television and cinema have burned themselves so pivotally into your psyche that they almost feel like home. Whether you took inspiration from them or found a distinct sense of comfort in the characters that inhabited those spaces they certainly made an impact. Here are five iconic sets that have stuck with us long after the screen turned black.

Monica and Rachel’s living room, F.R.I.E.N.D.S

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Perhaps one of the most recognisable sets in TV history is that of Monica and Rachel’s New York apartment in F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Or should we call it Monica and Chandler’s apartment? It was even Chandler and Joey’s apartment for a short time. I’m certain many of us felt as though we had personally lived there at some point given how frequently we visited the infamous set. Whilst modern day interior designers might not be scrambling to get their hands on the particular hue of purple that adorned those familiar walls, Pantone’s championing of ultraviolet as their colour of the year means this 90’s trend doesn’t seem quite so dated anymore. As a result of the shows resounding success, the vintage, flea-market feel of the iconic living room is still being replicated the world over in homes. The set, with all its mismatched trinkets, felt as comforting as the mismatched friends that inhabited it.

Luke’s Diner, Gilmore Girls

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In the cult classic Gilmore Girls, you were as likely to find the protagonists in Luke’s Diner as you were to find them in their own homes. Unlike traditional American diners, Luke’s had a more rustic Americana feel to it. Gone were the servers on roller skates and Danny Zuko wannabes. Instead, Luke’s familial lineage was apparent in his establishment (originally his father’s hardware store), where old tools and DIY goods hung from the walls. The diner had a no-nonsense, functional decor that reflected the personality of the owner himself. But perhaps the reason we love Luke’s Diner so much, is that it’s the site of one of the greatest love stories of our time. Long live Luke and Lorelai!

The Forman’s Basement, That 70’s Show

Photography credit to Groucho Reviews

Very few people can say they took interior inspiration from the Forman’s somewhat grotty basement. But for the teens on the show, it was a sacred haven, perfect for escaping the tight clutches of their parents. We can all admit that as teenagers, we’d have jumped at the chance to have a space like this. The basement’s character came in the form of its bedraggled appearance. Torn sofas and old furniture littered the room in telltale 70’s hues. It was certainly not a decor to be replicated in your own home, but the life and relationships of the characters filled the space with a warmth and familiarity worth copying.

Carrie Bradshaw's wardrobe, Sex and The City

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Now this, this was a set that was simply to die for. Whilst some of Carrie’s outfits were certainly questionable, we never questioned the beauty of her walk-in wardrobe. No matter how unrealistic and obviously fictional it was that a budding journalist could afford an apartment in Manhattan with a walk-in wardrobe, we were all jealous of Carrie Bradshaw. The dark painted walls made Carrie’s abundance of bright clothes pop in comparison. The wardrobe from Sex and The City sticks with me so prominently because it was something to aim for. I may still be living out of a three-door wardrobe, in a rented house. But one day, just maybe...

Andy’s Bedroom, Toy Story

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Admittedly, this one isn’t technically a ‘set’ given that it’s a cartoon rendering of a bedroom. But you’d be lying if you tried to suggest that Andy’s bedroom in Toy Story hadn’t made a profound imprint on your heart. The sight of Andy’s bedroom, packed away in boxes in the third instalment signalled the end of an era for many who felt they had grown up alongside Andy and his toys throughout the franchise. By all accounts, Andy had the quintessential child’s bedroom. We all experienced the typical fanatical phase of coating our bedrooms in the paraphernalia of our favourite shows and characters. Posters and bed sheets dedicated to our favourite toys or tv shows was part and parcel of childhood. Even the stars adorning Andy’s walls bring back memories of my own. I believe my personal stars even glowed in the dark. Beat that Andy!  

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