7 Reasons why you need glass in your furniture.

At Distinctify you will have noticed that we have a good amount of glass furniture on our website. There are so many reasons why glass table tops are perfect for your home. Here are our favourite 7. 

  1. Glass is brilliant at creating the illusion of space and making a room appear larger than it actually is. This is because it does not block the views behind it creating a more visual empty space whilst also helping with the distribution of light. 
  2. It is pretty versatile and can be used in very contemporary schemes, but also if carefully considered can be great in a more classic home. 
  3. Adding a glass top to items such as barrels, old trunks etc can instantly give you a beautiful DIY table.
  4. Adding glass as a top layer to your normal furniture protects the material underneath ensuring it lasts as long as it possible can.
  5. Highlight your table base. So often table bases are where the most considered aspects of the design are, but when you whack a huge great wooden top on it you lose almost all of that beauty and thought.
  6. Easy maintenance. Yes they are a nightmare for fingerprints, but what would you prefer, to be able to simply wipe down your table to clean it, or forever be worried about food and drink stains eating into your wooden table top?
  7. Make a centrepiece of everything that you can see through your table top. Your beautiful dining chairs, unique area rug, even that wooden floor you spent weeks choosing. Don't hide behind big bulky furniture. 

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  • Lewis from Distinctify on

    Dear Chris,

    We are always happy to hear feedback! Feel free to contact if you have any inquiries.

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    Lewis from Distinctify

  • Chris Bicourt on

    Hi guys, loving your blogs! Keep it up. Think i’m gonna purchase your glass side table soon!

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