A luxurious New York apartment design

Photo credit: Javier Wainstein

Spacious, sleek and super stylish - an apartment concept that’s set to overlook Central Park, New York; one project we are truly excited about! Not only can we aspire to live here, we can learn from the thoughtful subtleties and the dramatic bold textures that run throughout this property - a beautiful design made to create a fresh feeling home!

Photo credit: Javier Wainstein

  1. A dynamic interior

This interior embraces a diverse colour palette with a touch of imagination. In the living area, we start with a base tone of light textures that contrast strongly against the bold, heavy dark leather surfaces. Next to this area: a blank canvas kitchen...or so it seems. Once looked upon further, the majorly subtle but bold colours start to appear in the medium of sophisticated sink taps, accented handles and striking accessories. These methods of decoration enforce dynamism into your home with subtle elegance.

Photo credit: Javier Wainstein

  1. Not overusing organic materials

The subtle display of organic plants helps to freshen up this interior; using only small and tameable plants helps in preserving that minimal feel whilst not seeming overwhelmed with vegetation.

Photo credit: Javier Wainstein

  1. A cosy feel

By using plush fabrics ie. Velvets, soft rugs, cushions and hints of marble, one is able to recreate an extra layer of luxury and comfort.

  1. An apartment full of masterpieces

This apartment certainly goes above and beyond incorporating unique pieces of art, accessories and furniture that turn every angle of this home into something beautiful.  By embracing perpetual change this living space attains both an exciting and fresh look.

Photo credit: Javier Wainstein

These elements in all, make up for a spectacular end result.

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