A storage unit mixing engineered wood with a grey oak finish

The common misconception regarding storage units is that they lack character. Aesthetics must usually give way to functionality: Practicality over beauty.

However, Distinctify does not settle for merely “functional” furniture - we always go the extra mile by combining all the necessary ingredients in making the perfect piece of furniture.

When “utility” meets “personality”  

Check out our Croce Shelving Unit: a simple and yet stylish design. On the one hand, this piece produces several functional advantages: it’s engineered fabric is isotropic which does not split nor absorb as much moisture as solid wood, this makes for an overall sturdy construction. On the other hand, its symmetric design propounds optimum storage solutions and great ease of access for its owner.

A DIY furniture piece without its impediments

Endeavours linked to standard DIY furniture can sometimes scare potential customers away. And one can easily understand why. The thought of being tangled up with incomprehensible instructions or the frustration of misplacing a tiny screw into a crevice would put most people off. Thankfully, Distinctify furniture keeps the hassle to a minimum.

A trouble-free assembly process that requires almost no tools. A laminated finish that makes for uncomplicated maintenance. The Croce shelving unit brings both functionality and good looks. It combines the best of both worlds.

A storage unit with true character

The simplicity of the unit’s framework boasts a timeless design. Albeit not a piece for your typical English country house, this would be a perfect match for an apartment with transitional interior designs. It would contribute perfectly to a comfortable and relaxing, minimalist atmosphere.

Written by Lewis Först


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