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Abandoned coffee tables – don’t let yours be a victim!

Furnishing your living space the right way is of prime importance, that’s just something we can all agree on. Be that as it may, fitting your furniture with the appropriate decoration isn’t something to be overlooked.

Nobody likes an empty room, so why keep empty furniture? In this post we’ll turn our focus towards the one central piece you can’t afford to neglect: The Coffee Table.

Feeling unsure on how to proceed? Not a problem…

Add a little greenery

Flower arrangements (real or artificial) are one of the most organic and trouble-free ways to introduce a warm and inviting atmosphere to your home - with your coffee table being the perfect spot to display them. Trying to keep flower decorations in sync with each passing season is a plus, for instance in Winter go for a soft white Amaryllis. Tulips in Spring. Roses, Lilies or Peonies in Summer. And finally orange Dahlias for Fall.

A table with flair

Your living room is generally the one room that gets the most exposure – so why not make use of this opportunity to show off your uniqueness? Show something that tells others a bit about who you are and what you like. This decorative piece can take numerous forms: an old trinket, an atypical vintage accessory, a memento or even jewellery! A good tip is to remember to rotate and refresh what is displayed here.

Remember: Less is more

Never forget that a coffee table can quickly look overfilled if you don’t pick and choose your décor wisely. It is best to keep decorations sparse and minimal in order to make the room look neat and tidy; whilst giving hint to your personality. And of course, make sure you start this process right by ensuring you have the right coffee table – having trouble finding one? We’re sure you’ll find a coffee table to match your style at Distinctify!


Now that you’ve read some of our ideas, why not tell us some of yours?

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