Best Storage solutions for small apartments

We’re all guilty of believing in the Hollywood dream painted by the likes of Carrie Bradshaw. The expectation that despite its slight size, your rented apartment will miraculously reveal the walk-in wardrobe of your dreams without breaking the bank in the process. The reality is unfortunately not so sweet. When the Landlord assured you that the small apartment would come furnished, you assumed that meant more than merely a bed with room for boxes underneath as a storage solution. And now it’s post-Christmas and your belongings seem to have doubled, while somehow your apartment has shrunk. It’s time to get savvy with your storage solutions. Look no further than these apartment opportunists who made the best of a small situation.

Work with what you have

Zebedee, storage solutions

Photography credit to Zebedee 

This innovative solution from Zebedee proves that those awkward angles in your small attic apartment don’t need to be rendered dead space. Nor is the space under the stairs only useful as Harry Potter’s bedroom. This alternate closet follows the slope of the ceiling, allowing the storage to fit unobtrusively into the small space. The height of the rail also allows room for decorative pieces below, or alternatively an opportunity for wicker storage boxes to further maximise the storage potential. The best and most simple advice is to work with the space you have to optimise your storage solutions.

If you can’t build sideways, build up

Refinery 29, Storage Solutions

Photography credit to Refinery 29 

This colourful example from Refinery 29 best displays the tried and tested city logic, if you can’t build sideways build up. This small space manages to provide a storage solution for just about everything, without managing to look cluttered. The storage fits snugly against the wall in the slight space, giving you the benefit of floor space without making the closets look like a uniformed stock room. The varying heights, from the sleek chest of drawers to the vintage trolley avoid this and instead give character and charm to the room.

Make it personal

Decordove, Storage Solutions

Photography credit to Decordove

Small apartments are not best married with a minimalist lifestyle. However, if stripped back is your style you’re not out of options. This exposed metal rail, displayed by Decordove, provides a clean-cut solution to your storage woes. By raising the storage, as opposed to a standing rail, the cluttered look is avoided whilst still maximising the best storage solution for the small space. To add your own individuality to the space hang plants or lights from the free rail above.

Divide the space

Pinterest, storage solutions
Photography credit to Pinterest

Instead of keeping with the traditional storage solutions, tucking your wardrobe in the corner of your small room, why not divide the space like this example from Pinterest? The open plan studio space is turned into multiple rooms, simply through utilising innovative storage options. Using a standing rail to divide the room gives the illusion that there are two separate rooms in the small space. It can declutter the bedroom space by limiting the storage to the small faux room you have created, whilst also benefiting from the storage provided by the divider.

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