Dates for Your Diary 2019


Dates for your calendar 2019

If you listen carefully, across the country you can hear the sound of freshly bought leather diaries being cracked along the spine for the very first time. In the fading evening light, men and women sit aided by a softly glowing lamp ready to tackle the first diary draw up of 2019. Kelly’s had her 30th birthday booked in since last August, so that’s the first to go in. Then you plot the year month by month, with weddings, family birthdays and long anticipated holidays. Before you settle down for the evening, allow me to interject with a few dates you may have missed.  

You see, whilst you may not be able to cancel Kelly’s birthday for these events, they are still worth knowing about. Every year, hundreds of design initiatives come to the capital with one aim in mind: to get you inspired about interior design and decoration. And frankly, every year they get bigger and better. Here are the ones to hit this year: 

Ideal Home Show - 22nd March – 7th April

Picture courtesy of Foxtons

This is something of a shameless self-plug, but we are exhibiting at The Ideal Home Show for the first time ever this year and we’d love to see you there. The annual show offers up the best inspiration for all things interior design, straight from the mouths of industry experts. Retailers appear with all their fresh SS19 product and designs, many of them before they have been released to the mainstream market. And if that doesn’t convince you, the show covers everything from furniture to food. Yes, food. A lot of it available in the form of free tasters...

London Craft Week – 08th –12th May

Picture courtesy of Evening Standard

If there’s a show to make you feel ever so slightly inadequate and untalented, it’s the London Craft Week. But don’t be put off, it’s also a fantastic opportunity to broaden your skillset and be amazed by human capabilities. London Craft Week showcases exceptional craftsmanship from across the board, you’ll encounter experts within their fields as well as new kids on the block that are bound to make waves in the design industry. From perusing their showrooms and galleries, to engaging workshops, craft week is not to be missed.

Clerkenwell Design Week – 21st –23rd May

Picture courtesy of Clerkenwell Design Week

If you’re in any capacity interested in interior design or decoration, you will know about Clerkenwell. With more architects and creative businesses per square mile than anywhere else in the entire world, you’re definitely in safe hands at Clerkenwell design week. The show brings the area to life, bringing together brands and artists from the UK and all over the world for a series of fascinating showroom displays, engaging art installations and gallery exhibitions.

London Design Fair – 19th – 22nd September

Picture courtesy of BIID

Hipster hackney is often considered the beating heart of British interior design, it’s the birthplace of many household names in furniture, such as House of Hackney. It’s no surprise then, that in the neighboring borough of Tower Hamlets the London Design Fair draws close to 29,000 influential architects, interior designers and do-it-yourself members of the public annually to see the very latest trends, innovations and trailblazers in interior design and home decoration.

Ideal Home Show Christmas – 20th – 24th November

Photo courtesy of Ideal Home Show Christmas

Yes, it is far too early to be mentioning the C word. But you do want to make sure you have these dates blocked out in the diary because this is not one to be missed. There are few better ways to get into the festive spirit than immersing yourself in six festive room sets, put together by Good Home and exhibited at Ideal Home Christmas, that offer all the inspiration needed to kick your Christmas up a gear. From seasonal décor, to autumn winter trends and even perfect winter warmer recipes, Ideal Home Show Christmas is essentially a big festive hug.

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