“Escapism”: A rising trend in Home Design

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Widespread digitization has made us unable to disconnect from our screens. You can’t go anywhere without encountering unwanted technological distractions and as a consequence, sometimes overbearing.

Therefore, small spaces that allow us to relax and disconnect from digital interactions, are soaring in trend. You may not be able to separate yourself forever from the constant flux. You can, however, strive for a more relaxed living space. Creating your own little harbour of tranquillity isn’t so complicated.

Photo credit to Eleanor Gibson, Dezeen magazine

Make yourself comfortable

Keeping an entire room aside for peace and quiet is not necessary - a cosy space is good enough. Adding some chunky rugs, floor cushions or maybe hardwood flooring will help you get there. You can amplify the sense of calm and balance by surrounding yourself with your favourite art, personal collections and indoor plants. This is your own pocket of space reserved for relaxation, meditation, reading, make this nook your own.


Photo credit to Claire Espartos, Homepolish

Defined living spaces

While some may enjoy the practical nature of open plan living, others happen to find that specific configuration somewhat oppressing. The incorporation of kitchens, dining and study rooms in large open plan living areas have also brought their fair share of impediments (notably acoustics and cooking smells throughout the living space). But predominantly, open spaces make certain individuals feel a little too exposed or vulnerable. As people increasingly appreciate the perks of undisturbed and private living spaces, defined living plans are likely to make a comeback in 2017.

What do you think? Do you also think “escapism” is going to be a dominating trend in the world of home design? Tell us what you think in the comment section.

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