Fine Dining: Our Top 5 Dining Chair Designs

Fine dining, Distinctify

Integrating dining chairs can cause quite the conundrum if not given due care and attention. Do you mix and match or have them all identical? Can you find the perfect chairs to match the table you searched so long for? Should the colour scheme of your chairs match your table or differ from it? Do you want chairs or stools or perhaps even benches? So stress inducing is the process of picking dining chairs, you may be left wondering whether or not it’s necessary to have them at all. Well, it is. This isn’t woodstock and it’s highly likely you’ll end up with chronic indigestion from eating curled up on a cushion. All you need to do to make the process of choosing your dining chairs easy is a little bit of research. There are thousands of options out there, you just have to know where to look.

The Ala Dining Chair

The Ala Dining Chair, Distinctify
Photography credit to Distinctify

It’s a rarity to find a dining chair that is almost as comfortable as an armchair. But the Ala, all squishy bottoms and curved back, is hands down one of the most comfortable dining chairs going. The spine offers such a great deal of support you’ll need to take extra care not to fall asleep whilst entertaining. That would not go down well with the in-laws.

The Ashton Dining Chair

The Ashton Dining Chair, Barker & Stonehouse
Photography credit to Barker & Stonehouse

This heritage design is a true classic, and certainly not dated. Retro rubberwood gets a fresh new update in the Ashton dining chair, with slick black paint and a high gloss finish. Coupled with the spindle back we’re all so used to, the Ashton injects a degree of nostalgia and character into your design scheme. Like dining with Alice and the mad hatter, you’ll certainly fall head over heels down the rabbit hole for this elegant and playful piece. And there’s no need to feel guilty for it either as Rubberwood is a renewable and environmentally friendly material. Tick, tick, tick.

The Henrietta Dining Chair

The Henrieta Dining Chair, Distinctify

Photography credit to Distinctify

Queen Henrietta works perfectly as a statement chair, placed at the head of the table. But she’s equally as impressive in a set of 4 or 6, accenting a sleek glass table. Plush velvet adds glamour and luxury to your design scheme, with a touch of shimmer for a regal finish. With a supportive curved back and steel legs you’ll be comfortable dining in Henrietta into the early hours. Just make sure none of your friends spill any red wine on this glamorous girl.

The Kit Dining Chair

Kit Dining Chair, Interior Define
Photography credit to Interior Define


The possibilities are endless when it comes to customising your Kit dining chairs from Interior Define. We love the Kit chairs’ on trend geometric feel. You can choose between a range of fun fabrics and colours to fit your design scheme down to a tee. And just when you think the design process is over, you get to pick the perfect legs to compliment your chosen finish.

The Flat Rattan Dining Chair

Flat ratan dining chair, Cox & Cox
Photography credit Cox & Cox

We’ve seen an obvious shift in furniture trends recently, moving away from industrial finishes and into the more natural world. Peoples home are beginning to look a little like the Rainforest Cafe with their abundance of rattan and greenery. The trend doesn’t appear to be fading fast, with more natural fibres such as bamboo and wicker entering the high street. This Flat Rattan Dining Chair is a subtle exploration of the trend, mixing natural finishes with industrial steel legs for a refined and en vogue product.

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