Footstools: The small and stylish furniture piece everyone wants right now

featured image from Fiona Andersen Photography


The footstool is arguably one of the most useful yet overlooked pieces of furniture you may have in your living room. A well designed footstool acts as a footrest, table, extra seating, newspaper holder… the list goes on and for good reason. This small piece of upholstered fashionable furniture is the chameleon of the furniture world.

Your footstool in your living room is both an accessory and a workhorse. The reason for their popularity in recent months is that their small size makes them extremely easy to move around wherever you need them to be. Their small size also gives you a great opportunity to use it to inject some colour into any design scheme. Whether you leave them to the side of your room ready for their call up, or slot them nicely under your coffee table you can be sure that a footstool is one piece of furniture you would never regret buying.

How to use a footstool as a coffee table

This footstool example from Architectural Digest functions perfectly as a third coffee table. 

How to inject colour into your living room with a footstool

This footstool example brings a huge whack of colour into this living room, we can just imagine putting our feet up on this and reading a good book. 

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