Functional Spaces: Designing your Home Office

Distinctify, Functional Spaces: Designing your Home Office

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Like Fifth Harmony said, “Work from Home” is the way to go and it seems as though more and more people are taking the hint. According to a report from Global Workplace Analytics, telecommuting rates have increased by 115% in the last decade. And whilst the saying goes “home is where the heart is”, your office can also be wherever you are, at any given time. So with 3.9 million workers connecting remotely from their own homes, it’s the perfect opportunity to create an idyllic home office.

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If you live in a smaller apartment and can’t afford to turn an entire room into a home office, you can add a stylish mid century desk. Working from your bed isn’t conducive to productivity. And while you may need to constrain yourself to the bedroom, it is important to dedicate at least one specific area for work.

Get the Ideal Home look with this stylish Lucro Desk. The Lucro provides handy compartments for all your working needs and with its individual leg design you can make your work environment playful. After all, you know what they say about all work and no play…

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If you work in a creative industry, it’s useful to build a space that will inspire you. Introducing an Art Deco style to your home office allows you to experiment with geometric lines and shapes that will keep your creative juices flowing. 

Going bold with your chair choice is an easy way to add character and color to your setup. The privilege of working from home is that it allows you to avoid the clinical uniformity of working offices. Relish the opportunity to be adventurous within your office, like this Ideal Home example. Get the look with this pink velvet Anthropologie chair.

Ideal Home, Home office inspiration

Immersing yourself in your home office is key to increasing productivity and creativity. You can achieve this by creating a time capsule. A throwback to the 1970’s with monochromatic, tactile patterns that will envelope you throughout your working hours. The black and white theme is clean and concentrated, whilst steering clear from the clinical look by introducing artwork and prints. We’re paying homage to gorgeous women from both past and present with our artwork. You can too with our Marilyn Print, or alternatively try this print of a baby faced Kate Moss from Etsy.

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