Home Inspiration: making your bedroom winter ready

They don’t call them the January Blues for nothing. It’s probably fair to assume that most of us are feeling a little worse for wear right now. The aftermath of Christmas still lingers around your waistline, that cold you caught in late November just won’t shift, and leaving the house with less than four layers (including a waterproof top layer) has ceased to be an option. You’d be forgiven for a little bit of clock watching at work as well as cancelling the only plans made this week. Most days feel like a death defying quest, where the ultimate aim is making it back to bed. The glorious moment you descend onto that plush horizontal podium is unrivaled: you've made it back. 

If you’re spending the majority of your time in the bedroom during those wet, cold and altogether harsher months of the year, take some inspiration from these cosy bedrooms by making the most out of the best room in your home. The key to creating the perfect bedroom is to create a relaxing atmosphere. These homes showcase the ultimate safe havens for you to drift off. Just be warned, you may not want to leave again.

Playing with textures

Bundling up with thick knitted throws, overbrushed cotton sheets creates a country escape without travelling the entire distance. Soft colours go hand in hand with soft furnishings to create that all important cosy atmosphere inside your bedroom. In this example from Ideal Home, idyllic prints against textured cushions and throws make for a rustic yet restful retreat. When patterns are in gentle pastel hues, don’t be afraid to clash a little. Instead of the garish images that come to mind when we think of clashing patterns, the floral and polka dots in this bedroom work together to create a snugly haven.

Ideal Home, making your bedroom winter ready

Photography credit to Ideal Home


A bed with no accessories may feel a little sterile and frankly, nobody wants to feel like they are on an extended hospital stay when they come home from work. We love to add things to our bedrooms that give life and character to the room. The easiest way to do this is to add cushions. Not only do they make your bed all the more inviting at the end of the day, they also allow you to play with colours and incorporate a scheme into your bedroom. Juxtapose them with artwork on your walls to create a mismatched charm throughout the room. Finish the look off with quirky trinkets on bedside tables to really push your personality onto the space.

Work with wood

It may be the oldest trick in the book to work with wood inside a space, but it’s also been a tried and tested option. Whether you add it in small doses or make it obtrusive, wood gives a bedroom a classic feel. It adds a natural warmth to a space as it has a significantly softer finish than shiny metals and veneers. The neutral finish of wood means that you can adapt your space around these timeless pieces, without overhauling the entire space. We recommend you stick with earthy tones throughout the room. This gives the room a low-lit dark atmosphere, perfect to wind down in after a long day.

Architectural Digest, Home Inspiration: making your bedroom winter ready

Photography credit to Architectural Digest

Use Jewel Tones

I’m a firm believer that you should never deny yourself a chic hotel room’s luxury just because you’re in your own home. Craft a five star bedroom for yourself by using deep jewel coloured tones, adding glamour and indulgence to the space. You can achieve ultimate escapism by creating an extravagant retreat in your own home. Deep Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald shades inject classic romanticism into a space. Try adding statement pieces, like a chaise, to complete the regal look.

Distinction Group, Home Inspiration: making your bedroom winter ready

Photography credit to Distinction Group

Light it up

Lighting is crucial in creating a pleasant mood for any room, most importantly the bedroom. There are few things worse than being woken up by a harsh, clinical light first thing in the morning. Applying low lighting in your bedroom will help to create a dusk-like feel to your room in order to wind down. Turn off the main lights and use lamps instead, as they help to create warmth and intimacy in the space. Bedside lamps are perfect for creating an isolated sense of calmness around your bed.

Distinctify, Home Inspiration: making your bedroom winter ready
Photography credit to Distinctify

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