How to choose the right floor lamp

March 15, 2017

How to choose the right floor lamp

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As we know, finding the right furniture to complement one’s home space isn’t necessarily an easy task. There are many factors to consider before making a final decision and it is a process that can become very tedious if you are not assisted correctly! We believe that delivering the right advice is a crucial step towards guaranteeing customer satisfaction, and this is what we strive for at Distinctify. Today we will focus on discussing the various aspects that come in play when choosing the perfect floor lamp. With the capacity to add luminosity, height and structure, floor lamps are considered essential parts of one’s home decor. Let’s find out how you can get the right one.

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What are you trying to highlight?

Purchasing a new floor lamp requires a certain amount of consideration. Is the additional lighting meant to draw focus on a particular object (accent lighting), help you undertake daily tasks (task lighting), or simply add brightness to the whole room (ambient lighting)?

Finding the right spot for your floor lamp is key here. Placing it in the corner will result in making the room seem more voluminous and inviting. In case you are running out of space, allocating the floor lamp to your hallway could be a great idea. Maybe creating a little ambiance is what you’re looking for, in that case putting the floor lamp in either your living or dining room is your best option!

Getting the scale right

A ceiling’s height is one of the primary factors that one has to consider when buying a floor lamp. On the one hand, a low ceiling will make a very tall lamp look towering and oversized. On the other hand, combining a very tall overhead space with a short lamp will result in a very unproportioned look (not to mention it will create an annoying glaring light). The only way to find the ideal floor lamp size is to use your tape measure and work out the appropriate dimensions yourself. Nothing beats the accuracy of the metric system.

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Stay true to your home decor

A minimalist floor lamp will look out of touch if put next to an Eclectic décor. Always assess what matches up best with your home design theme.

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