How To Integrate Alcohol Into Your Home Design

How to Integrate Alcohol Into Your Interior Design, DistinctifyPhotography credit to Idolza

On rare occasions, we like to take a break from regular scheduling so we may interrupt your daily dosage of interior design tips to discuss something utterly ridiculous. The thing about writing a home improvement blog is that as long as it contains something that technically improves your home, you can pretty much get away with anything. Watch this space. This is going to be a blog about that other thing we’re incredibly passionate about: spontaneous consumption of alcohol...

Think about it, the sun has finally shown itself, at long last, however briefly. Now all of a sudden, day drinking is back. It’s now perfectly acceptable to be sat in a beer garden at 2 in the afternoon, insisting that it’s ‘5 o’clock somewhere’. Because here in England we freeze for four months of the year, can’t leave the house without a waterproof for another six, and get two months of windy but sunny days concluding with maybe a week of temperatures climbing above 22, it’s important to spend that precious week prepared for spontaneous consumption of alcohol wherever it may occur. It’s not always easy to discreetly carry around your emergency stash, or indeed a surface to perch it on once you’ve begun indulging. We’ve compiled a list of Innovative tools to store precious cargo, wherever you go. Some of them are portable, ideal when spontaneity strikes. And some are for you to experience the perfect relaxing drink, from the comfort of your own home. You definitely do not need them, but you’ll absolutely want them.

Portable Wine Table

Portable Wine Table, Distinctify
Photography credit to Lakeland


This is essentially a portable side table, and side tables count as furniture. You can see where I’m going with this… This Lakeland portable wine table, made from bamboo, has enough space for two glasses and your wine bottle, to avoid balancing them precariously on uneven ground. This is perfect for evening dates in the park, or picnics in the midday sun. It is also worth using as you sit on your cramped balcony, in your rented apartment, with the sound of sirens serving as your playlist. Soak up the sun and that Pinot Grigio, wherever you can!


Photography credit to Amazon


Wine and a long soak in the tub go hand in hand. The SipCaddy solves the age-old problem of balancing your wine on the bath’s edge, teetering perilously next to the bubble bath and loofa. Handily, this simple and innovative bathroom accessory (see, still a decorating blog) fixes to the side of your bath using a suction pad with a cup detail to hold your wine. The SipCaddy makes it that little bit easier to relax on those long Summer days.

Beer Hanger

Beer Hanger
Photography credit to Uncommongoods


On warm evenings, when you’ve just battled the commute buried in the armpits of half the population, there’s nothing sweeter than coming home to a cold beer in the fridge. Make sure you’re always prepared for had-a-bad-day beers by installing these magnetic beer holders in the top of your fridge. Beers handily hang from the ceiling of the fridge without encroaching on the space you need for the stuff that actually keeps you alive, all the boring stuff, like food. This may not be the most easily portable device from this selection, but it does mean your home is fully stocked in case you’ve had a stressful day.

Beer and Wine and Bogroll

Beer and Wine and Bogroll
Photography credit to Esty

Now this one may raise a few questions about hygiene. Nevertheless, it still allows you unprecedented access to your beverage of choice. For parents, sometimes the only place to get away from your offspring is to hide away in the bathroom for a while. Why not make yourself comfortable and invest in this multi-purpose toilet roll holder, that can hold either a glass of wine or a beer can? In fact, why not have both as that’s an option too?

Wine Purse

Wine Purse

Photography credit to Porto Vino

Admittedly, this one can’t be considered as an investment benefiting your interior design skills. Or so you think… We all know designing and procuring furniture for a design scheme is pretty stressful. Carrying this handbag around, which boasts a concealed wine tap, would make the entire process a little more jolly. Plus, you get the added benefit of owning a functional handbag that you can use to carry fabric samples and blueprints for your home improvement projects.

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