How to integrate art into your home

January 02, 2018

How to integrate art into your home

All too often art is treated as an afterthought in interior design; usually taken care of long after the rooms have been furnished, if taken care of at all! Now we know this may raise a few eyebrows when we say this, but, we believe art is actually what matters most in interior design! Allow us to explain. One of the most basic (and important!) fundamentals of interior design is that every single room requires a focal point to instantly draw the eye through the space. Art is perfectly suited for that role, provided you’ve spent enough time to find the right piece. 

Imagine buying a wall print so small it is overshadowed by surrounding furniture, or a print so large it makes your room look tiny. My advice: always calculate what is the right size for your artwork. Take the time to measure all available wall space, just so you’re able to evaluate how much room you have left for artwork.

How high should you hang your art? Well, the bottom of the frame should be about 25 to 40 centimetres above your sofa or table.  

Let’s talk colours. Obviously, colours should be chosen depending on the mood you’d like to set for each room. For example, soft-grey is considered to be a soothing colour perfectly suited for a bedroom, so look for art that incorporates greys and neutral blues. In your living room you will most likely want to create an inviting and uplifting atmosphere so include pieces with bright yellows, reds or oranges.

So now you have sorted the colour palette, what about the subject of the pieces? Introducing abstract artwork to your home interior will definitely bring a fresh perspective. You’ll be able to create contrast and establish an eye-catching blend. Purchasing minimalist artwork will also ensure that the end result remains tasteful yet dynamic.

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