How to know when it's time to redecorate

They say your home is where your heart is and so it is only fair that you spend some time making it the best it can be. Redecorating your home interior or updating your furniture is not just about keeping up with the latest trends or telling everyone about a nice pay rise, it is something that can be deeply therapeutic. Every day we use things and that takes a toll on them. Shiny surfaces turn dull, colours fade and things break. Ultimately nearly everything we purchase for our homes will reach a point where it is time to say goodbye. 


Has everything gone out of fashion?

I know what I just said and yes redecorating shouldn't just be about staying on trend, but it is impossible to redecorate without taking in the trends of the day. Unfortunately, trends and an increasingly shallow furniture market mean that items quickly become unfashionable. When you could pick up most of your furniture in second hand or charity shops it may be time to have a look at breathing some new life with some new pieces. If you are really clever you may even be able to spot those couple of items that will manage to elevate themselves above interior trends and achieve timeless status, but don't worry so much about that, good interior trends should last a few years in general. 


Things are looking dingy

That coffee table looked great when you bought it, but since then your friend has left a hot mug of tea on the surface, your dog has had a go at the legs and there is that big chip on the top. I understand the way that furniture can wriggle its way into our hearts, but your home and interior space are about so much more than a few pieces of furniture. If your furniture is starting to threaten your creative interior scheme or your general enjoyment of your home it may be worth looking at how particularly well-worn items can either be refurbished or replaced. If you don't have the budget for new coffee tables, side tables etc... then have a look on eBay for some great second-hand bargains.


Your home is full of furniture that merely fulfilled a need

When you first move into a house or apartment you often find yourself running around trying to buy furniture that will fit just for now. A coffee table just so you have it, a side table so there is somewhere to put a lamp or a TV unit because you don't back yourself to put up a wall bracket. It is amazing how these items bed in and can end up still in our homes years later after we settle and have time to positively influence the environment that we live in. Fast furniture is a great stop gap but great pieces of furniture are also pieces of sculpture and design that should be chosen because you like them, not just because they provide a service. 


Your home doesn't bring you joy

When you turn the key and walk through your front door your shoulders should drop and the day's stresses should start to leave your body. As you slump down on your sofa and put your feet up on your coffee table ready to settle in for a relaxing evening the environment should echo that. It should be light, calming and happy. Your furniture and interior decoration are huge parts of this. If you have grubby walls, ripped armchairs and a coffee table that doesn't match anything, you may find it harder to achieve this wonderful harmony between yourself and your home. Trust us, it is worth investing some time, energy and maybe a little bit of money to create somewhere that is a real refuge from the big bad world.


Whether you ever decide to redecorate is up to you. For some of us, the thought never crosses our mind or we aren’t that way inclined. That is ok, the last point is the most important one for us. Your furniture can wear, colours can fade and interior design can move on. If you are happy with where you live and how your house or apartment looks then be bold and confident in that thought. Your home is where your heart is, not anyone else’s, so if you feel things could do with a refresh follow that instinct but if you love that armchair with duct tape on the arms follow that instinct too. At the end of the day, there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to your interior tastes and designs.

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