How to make a bold and beautiful bed statement on a budget

In a small bedroom it is pretty normal to find yourself trying to hide or disguise your bedroom furniture to give the illusion of space. We have a better plan, instead of mourning the loss of floor space make your bed the centrepiece of your small room. I can hear you already, “that sounds expensive”, well it doesn’t have to be.

Start layering bed and pillow colours and textures

When we talk about beds as centrepieces it is easy to conjure images of unbelievably expensive custom designed pieces made from the wood of the oldest trees in Naples, it is enough to get everyone sweating about their bank balance. Luckily for you we are here to show you another way, using what you have already, plus a few relatively inexpensive ideas. No expensive custom furniture just an awesome looking bed.

Disguise your divan bed base with a fitted valance or bed skirt

The first thing you need to do is disguise that cheap divan bed base, comfortable though it may be it is not going to win any furniture design awards. A bed skirt in a great fabric can do wonders, just make sure it complements the bed sheets. You can also use this trick on cheap bed frames or to hide under bed storage.

Layer pillows and textures on your bed

Now to the bed sheets. Don’t go out buying a whole new set of bed sheets to go with your shiny new bed skirt. What we suggest is you start mixing and matching. Take your current bed sheets and forage for a couple of new pillow cases to add texture, colour and a new layer to your bed. Then to finish it off layer blankets, cushions and pillows to make it look inviting and interesting. Layering of different patterns, textures and elements gives much more visual oomph than just one throw or duvet alone. It is always better to try new things with some home accessories rather than forking out for a new piece of furniture. 

So there you have it, "nobody puts your bed in the corner", how are you going to make it the star of the show?

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