How to make the most of your console table?

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A change in function

Look at it, sitting there against a wall with a bowl on it for your keys, is that all you think your console table can do? As a console table owner it is your responsibility to help it reach its full potential. The world has changed, console tables are no longer only confined to your hallway for you to throw your keys and your post on to. From the addition of a simple drawer all the way to intricate extending mechanisms means that they can be used as bars, tv stands, desks, dining tables, the list goes on...and so will we.

So one question remains: how can you become a responsible console table owner?

Forbice console table/ Misto set of 2 console tables - Photo credit to Distinctify  

Spoiled for choice

Small in stature but big on functionality, console tables are ideal for small and narrow hallways or small nooks (think of the alcoves next to your fireplace). Pick a design with drawers to allow you to hide notepads, paper, pens and keys. Top Tip: A smart idea is to hang a mirror above the console to make the room feel voluminous.

Have you already gone full steam ahead with your open plan living and don’t know how to separate your “living room” from your “dining room”? Console tables come in handy for living space delimitation, just make sure to buy one that is finished properly on all sides. Top Tip: Place two large lamps on each side in order to create a visual divide.

Do you fancy yourself the next great British author but don’t have space for a writing desk?

If space is limited, a practical alternative would be to pick a console table instead of a desk. You’ll have more luck in creating a compact study space by putting a console in an alcove and fitting shelves above it.

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Console tables vary as much in function as they do in their design. Possibilities are endless. We do hope this article has helped you find the inspiration for a future console table purchase.

The Cuba console table - Photo credit to Distinctify

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