How to pick the right dining chairs?

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A dining room...It’s just chairs and a table, right? Hmm not really. There is actually much more to it! Trust us, you don’t want to be that one person that buys an entire set of non-refundable dining chairs only to realise they can’t all fit under the dining table. Awkward!

When it comes to home furnishing, every little detail counts. There is much to think about, and so many options to choose from! To make this a less daunting task, make sure to read these following steps on how to pick the right dining chairs.

Get the correct dimensions.

Firstly, you need your dining table measurements. Secondly, calculate the width of your dining chairs to ensure they fit. Keep in mind the shape and structure of the table, as the space underneath may be more restrictive than you first think, so it is important to check if the chairs can be simply pushed underneath. A useful thing to do would be to measure the width and height of your desired chair seats, that way you will be able to assess how many chairs are practical to seat around your table and to check you’re happy with your seating posture.

Presa dining chair - Photography credit to Distinctify

TOP TIP: If you’re looking for a dining chair with arms, bear in mind this will increase the width of the chair and can really change the practicality of the dining set.

How many chairs?

This can be determined in a variety of ways. Two tables which are identical in size could actually hold different numbers of people depending on the leg placement and top overhang. General policy is to allow 24 inches for every person sitting at your table. And do not forget: the more utensils and glassware you use, the more space will be required for each person.

Example of a dining table that has a restrictive leg placement.

Feeling comfortable?

One question you need to ask yourself: how often am I going to use these dining chairs? If you don’t have many guest visits, or you tend to eat your meals in a different room, you may not want to spend too much time selecting dining chairs. And that’s fine! But you’ll still want a comfortable chair anyhow, when you do dine at the table.

Dining chairs upholstered in fabric are a great option (like the Curva Dining Chairs) as they provide comfort while introducing a plush look to the dining area. On the other hand, leather chairs are very durable and easy to clean (see the Cortile Dining Chair in the picture below).

Cortile dining chair - Photography credit to Distinctify

Easy enough to move around?

Owning an adjustable dining table usually goes hand in hand with regularly changing the number of seats. In turn, making sure that these chairs are easy to move is essential. Purchasing dining chairs with a smaller/lighter build is a wise choice. Conversely, if your dining room is a well-used and functional room, you may want to favour purchasing bulkier, less mobile chairs as you will want your chairs to have more durability and withstand long uses.

What do you guys think? Do you agree with our interior design tips? Let us know what you think in the comment section below.

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