How to upgrade your studio flat

Contrary to popular belief, bachelor pads needn’t be synonymous with poorly maintained spaces, and nor should they have to resemble disorderly dorm rooms. Join as we take this opportunity to provide you with a few tricks on how to upgrade your living space.

Do not hesitate to mix styles

Some of you might be struggling to find your own design identity. Are you minimalist or classical, contemporary or countryside? If that is the case, you may find that a transitional interior design is a great option for your home: an ideal middle ground between traditional and modern. Marrying the best of both styles to create something edgy, clean and yet homey. To pull this off, you need to get the mix just right, for example matching a sleek and modern coffee table with a more classic, traditional-style sofa. Everybody has their own opinion of the ideal balance, the choice is entirely up to you. We believe that abstaining from overused colour patterns like red, black, and white, and sticking to neutral colours as your main colour palate enables the flexibility to use bold colours through your cushions and accessories - ensuring a unique, stylish and adaptable look.

It’s the detail that counts

Don’t forget to buy an area rug. This little adjustment will make a big impact and create a warmer, more inviting space for you to live in. A glass top table is also a must for your living space, its durability and transparent properties will add spaciousness and luminosity to your home, making your floor plan seem more open. Lighting is the most important attribute to take into account when decorating any interior. If you are lucky enough to live in a room with a view to showcase, transform that view into the centrepiece of your flat. Combining this natural light with a mix of recessed lighting and some trendy floor lamps, and you’ll get an invigorating and cheerful interior.


Bookshelves are key

Ebooks and iPad readers are legion, this is why people with well-stocked bookshelves stand apart from the crowd. The reality is that every object displayed on a bookshelf tells a story highlighting the importance of purchasing an attractive piece of furniture that will nicely exhibit your collection of books, CDs, treasures and nick-nacks. In a time of digitalisation, possessing hard copies of books provides an almost “magical aura” to your flat.

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