Is Lagom going to take Hygge's crown?

January 25, 2017

Is Lagom going to take Hygge's crown?

At Distinctify we believe in not filling your home too full with furniture. We are far from being minimalist, however a light and airy feel in any room is a great thing. So we were very excited to hear about the hottest, newest trend to come out of Sweden, "Lagom". 

Loosely translated Lagom means "not too little, not too much, just right". It sounds remarkably like the Goldilocks principle and works perfectly for furnishing your home. Lagom, in the same way as its Danish competition Hygge is a pursuit instead of a prescribed way of living. Whereas Hygge is about cosiness, candles, warm jumpers and snuggled up evenings by the fire, "Lagom" is more about appropriateness, living in a way that is not ostentatious or wasteful. 

The idea that for everything there is a perfect amount is nowhere better shown than in furnishing. We have all been there, walking into someone elses home unable to see for big, blocky, heavy furniture. Having to plan your route through spaces because of the number of items in your way, turning getting to the kitchen to make a cup of tea into some dull version of The Crystal Maze. 

To Lagom your room instead of taking the very literal meaning of penny pinching, think of what the room needs. Every space has particular requirements depending on it's location. A room with vast quantities of windows and natural light will likely benefit from some more obstructive furniture to cast shadows and ensure the room doesn't feel empty. On the contrary though your small basement is one area that would benefit from light, considered pieces. Not necessarily all glass, but those with light dainty frames allowing you to see through them giving the room a chance to feel larger. 

Below are some of our favourite light and airy room designs to inspire you to Lagom your home. 

dining room
HOUSE NO. 7 Isle of Tiree, Scotland
Maybe one of our Esatto Coffee Tables is exactly what you need to start your Lagom journey. 

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