London Design Festival: Emerging Trends for 2019

London Design Festival: Emerging Trends for 2019, Distinctify

The Monday morning following the London Design Festival feels a little like waking up after any other festival, except with distinctly less mud and less glitter in questionable places. The back to work blues are unavoidable and the exhaustion hard to shake. The only way to describe it is like having a design hangover. After a week of being surrounded by innovative interior design ideas and vibrant colour palettes it’s back to work with a swift bump come Monday morning. London Design Festival is a week of engaging installations and shows all centred around developing technologies, designs and fashions. For interior designers and retailers in and around London it’s one of the most exciting weeks in the calendar. Not only do you get to sit on a lot of luxury sofas and call it work, but most exhibitions will also offer you a free coffee or something bubbly depending on the time of day. There are bowls of complimentary snacks literally everywhere.

More than that though, it’s an excuse to be amongst the designs and their incredible designers. We like to try before we buy, just as much as you do. The interior design world’s answer to fashion week gives us an unprecedented glimpse into all the fabrics, finishes and designs you’ll be vying to get your hands on in 2019. In other words, we get to take a sneak peak into what your homes might look throughout the coming year. And trust me, you’re going to love it. We’ve made a list of the top 5 trends we think it’s worth looking out for.


Velvets, Distinctify
Adelaide 3-Seater Sofa in Claret Velvet, by Distinctify, £1,989

Ok, admittedly this isn’t an emerging trend. Velvet has been on the up ever since people disassociated it with velour, a material better known for its use on Juicy Couture tracksuits. The noughties made velvet feel quite tacky. In the decade where footballers wives were the dominating variety of celebrity, velvet went hand in hand with a pair of large gold hoops and sunglasses larger than your face. But as we well know, trends are cyclical and velvet has begun its resurgence. In particular, this year it’s worth looking at velvets in jewel tones. Amber, topaz and citrine oranges and yellows will emerge through accent furniture in the spring months to add a touch of sunshine to your home. Ruby red tones mixed with royal blues and teals make for a romantic atmosphere within the home. This shade is particular good for the winter months, as it’s warm and welcoming. Get ahead of the trend for 2019 with our Adelaide Sofa in Red Claret.

Forest Green

Forest Green, Distinctify
Federico Green Velvet & Brass Armchair, by GillmoreSpace, available at Distinctify, £829

You’ve heard of a Barbie dream house, but have you heard of a Kermit dream house? It’s highly likely that you haven’t, given that I made it up. But I have a feeling it might be a term that’s about to take off due to the staggering amount of forest greens that are dominating the market. We can even see interior designers layering green on green, by using dark painted walls and dark textured greens in their upholstery. Forest green also works with an abundance of colours and prints, as well as tonal greens. Peach tones and blush pinks make for a very natural palette, whilst bright white ceramics provides a stark contrast. Dark wood surfaces and brushed brass detailing compliment a dark green scheme, brightening the intense shade. The GillmoreSpace Federico Armchair, available through Distinctify, combines dark green velvet and a gold frame providing the perfect foray into this trend. You can even try it with patterns, tropical prints and gold leaf wallpapers have been extraordinarily popular and work perfectly with dark greens. Apparently, it really is that easy being green.

Gold Details

Gold Details, Distinctify
Federico Blue Velvet & Brass Bed Frame With Headboard And Canopy Frame, by GillmoreSpace, available at Distinctify, £1,539

Forgive me for rejoicing that there’s a new metallic finish in town. Well, perhaps not new but certainly re-emerging. Rose gold has become so tired, it has the ability to wash out an entire room. It’s time to get rid. Now we warmly welcome back the original (and arguably the best) metal finish to the top of the charts. Brushed brass and gold are back and bigger than ever. I find gold has the ability to change the mood of a room entirely. Tonally it is far warmer than alternative industrial finishes like matt black and sterling silver. For a man-made, metallic material, it works perfectly with natural wood finishes. In particular, combine gold pieces with mid-century modern Herringbone furniture for an on-trend look in 2019. Gold means bold, and in the coming season, interior design will be more experimental. Don’t be afraid to use gold statement pieces like the Federico bed by GillmoreSpace, available through Distinctify.

White Marble

White Marble, Distinctify
Marmori Coffee Table, by Distinctify, £349

White marble needs no introduction. Every couple of years this natural stone makes a reappearance to remind us who is truly boss. And rightly so, it is after all a tried and tested showstopper. Every piece looks bespoke. It looks perfectly authentic, with each unique slab containing alternating vein work throughout. It’s perfect for creating that 1920’s art deco vibe that we’re already seeing emerging through the mainstream market. This season it will function as a light contrast to the dark coloured wall trend that will continue throughout winter and into the new year, serving to brighten up these romantic hued spaces. No, this is not a weather forecast. But white marble is great as a sunny compositional contrast to largely moody, overcast spaces. Even in accent furniture, like the Marmori Coffee Table, it makes a statement and draws the eye.

Exposed Framing

Exposed Framing, Distinctify
Delilah Armchair, by Distinctify, £349

In F Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby, normal people hear the famous line "Can't repeat the past? … Why of course you can!" and believe it to be simplistic, romanticised and naive. When Interior Designers hear it they nod their heads. Trends are cyclical, so when fine tubular metal frames came back around this year it proved that modern classic furniture has quite a bit in common with the modern classic novel. The geometric, 1920’s art deco shape of these opulent exposed frames is given a contemporary twist using bright, modern upholstery to carry it into the 21st century. Thin frames create a weightless, minimalist silhouette whilst metal finishes offer a distinct industrial elegance. For a chic addition that really packs a punch, match matt black framing with bold, soft upholstery like the Delilah in bright orange, available at Distinctify.

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