Modern homes: Why the sea containers house is the next best thing!

Photography credit to Arkhefield

Over the last few years, the sea containers house movement is one that has become very popular. And it’s not hard to see why! If done properly, building a container home can be a quick, cost-effective, and sustainable solution for accommodation. As you can tell from these pictures, the end result is nothing short of spectacular! Now we will let you have a look at some of these gorgeous home designs, cleverly created from shipping containers.  

Stylish container home in nature

Photography credit to Pinimg

Open & inviting might not be what you’d expect from a home built with sea containers, however, the integration of various windows and sliders can create an incredible transformation by bringing the outdoors in.

Contemporary living room in container house

Photography credit to Homedsgn

The furniture selection is more on the contemporary side, leaning towards minimalism. Coffee tables with narrow bases and a minimalist design would be a great choice for this type of living space ( See Lustro coffee table or Cedro coffee table).

Minimalist coffee table
Lustro coffee table - £229

Modern wooden coffee table
Cedro coffee table - £224

Open sea container home design

Photography credit to Container Home

Luxury interior design for sea containers house

Photography credit to Trendir

It’s amazing what you can create with metal and imagination.

Ship container transformation into home

Photography credit to Pinterest 

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