Our Top 5 Favourite Lamp Designs Of The Month

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Lighting is the underrated hero of home design. Arguably, no other single piece has the ability to entirely alter the mood of a room. When designing and decorating your home, it’s easy to become wrapped up in the varying types of fixed lighting options that you mount to your ceilings and walls, and wire directly into your electricity supply. Of course, it’s incredibly important to get those decisions right. But all these decisions can be considered functional; you pick fixed lighting details as a necessity, to see, to move and to go about your daily life. Occasional lighting is a different ball game altogether.

Table lamps and floor lamps should be chosen keeping in mind how they make your home look and feel. Not only do you have to consider how your lamps will look within your overall scheme, but you have to consider what you use the room for. Do you need low lighting for your bedroom to wind down in the evening? Warm, but bright lighting in your living room to socialise in the evening? We’ve picked our top five favourite lamps, that both look great and provide the perfect mood lighting.

The Modern Masterpiece – Amelia Table Lamp


The Amelia table lamp is perfect for the bedroom. Particularly, we suggest having two as bedside lamps. With a cream fabric shade, the Amelia’s light is soft and warm. The light glows off the bronze base to the frame, perfect for reading by lamplight.

The Industrial Revolution – Adesso Floor Lamp

For more modern-industrial design schemes, particularly in living rooms or dining rooms, choose the Adesso. Its unique curved stem differentiates it from other floor lamps. Instead of only lighting the immediate surroundings, the Adesso hovers from above casting a broader light, only enhanced by its brass coated shade.

Simple Elegance – Margot Table Lamp

Margot is the picture of refined elegance. The simple combination of a sturdy marble base, brass detailing and a black shade offer a neutral colour palette and slick design. We recommend the Margot for hallways, she looks particularly good perched on top of console tables.

The Seventies Revival – Oscuro Floor Lamp

In a monochromatic, minimalist design scheme the Oscuro looks right at home. With a shade in glossy Perspex and base coated in black metal, the Oscuro’s vinyl look brings a seventies feel to your space. This lamp is perfect for dining rooms, offering them a modern touch.

The Great-from-every-angle Lamp – Orla Table Lamp

From the tip of the shade to the bottom of the base, the Orla is the true belle of the ball. The inner lampshade is coated in gleaming gold, to compliment the geometric diamond base also coated in brass. Cream fabric lines the outer shade, to offset the gold shine, so that the Orla doesn't overwhelm she just simply glows.

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