Top 5 tips to integrate statement furniture

Our top 5 tips to integrate statement furniture by Distinctify

As a child, the sure fire way to tell my mother didn’t like something was if she told you it ‘made a statement.’ Returning from the shops with a top that hung particularly low often garnered a ‘ makes a statement’. Risky haircuts and dodgy piercings are likely to get the same response. I’ve never made a statement quite like the one I made when I came home from University with a tattoo. Growing up in my house, making a statement was to make a truly monumental fool of yourself. But it is about time I broke down my own understanding of what it means to make a statement, and yours too if you’ve been as scared of statements as I have.

Making a statement is a sign of great character. It means you’re bold, fearless and exciting. Whether it be in your clothes, your activism or even your home furnishings, making a statement shows you’re willing to be unapologetically yourself. Introducing statement furniture into your decor places your own character into your home. It can bring a room to life. It crafts your home into an immersive experience that is all yours.

That being said, it’s no wonder people tread with caution when it comes to making a statement. Making the right kind of statement involves walking a very fine line. Too bold and you’ll overwhelm the room, too understated and you’ve missed the intended point of statements altogether. To ensure that you don’t commit a statement faux pas, we’ve compiled a list of rules to stick to when decorating. We’re bringing the perfect touch of chaos to your home, but like, in organised dosages.

Single Statements

Not only does sticking to one statement piece mean you won’t have to break the bank throughout the decorating process, it is also the most aesthetically pleasing option. Your statement item is likely to become the focal point of your room. If you add multiple statement pieces throughout your design scheme, your eyes are drawn in opposing directions and you’re left with a lack of cohesion throughout the space. The Single Statement rule doesn’t require you putting too much thought on the size of the statement piece. On the one hand, you could have a lamp that stands out from the rest of the room ( much like the gorgeous Margot Table Lamp), and the rule of one still applies. On the other hand, you could make a much larger statement in the form of this Adelaide 3-Seater Sofa. The intensity of the Claret Velvet fabric packs a punch! You’ll definitely want to make this piece, and this piece alone, the centre of attention.

Adelaide 3-Seater Sofa - Claret Velvet
Photography credit to Distinctify

Scaling your statements

Much like forcing yourself into jeans that stopped fitting you six years ago, forcing a larger than life statement piece into a small room is bound to look a little tight and awkward. It’s always worth considering the comparative scale of your statement furniture against the size of the room. If you’re working with an exceptionally large space, don’t be afraid to go bigger. This Art Deco bed from Anthropologie is able to fulfill two functions: The metal finish and intricate pattern create a bold statement, while its towering height helps utilise all the dead space within the larger rooms.

Deco bed from Anthropologie, Distinctify
Photography credit to Anthropologie

Sensible Statements

Everybody is guilty of impulse buying. We’re only human, after all. Like Magpies, we have a tendency to see shiny things and want to have them immediately after, regardless of whether or not we necessarily need them. Buying statement furniture requires a degree of self control. That bronze finished statue of Pat Butcher certainly makes a statement, but perhaps not the kind you want to be making. Try to make sure that your statement piece still fits the needs of the room. Imposing silhouettes, like that of the Riga Coffee Table Square, still make a bold statement through their features such as dark, powerful lines and a large surface area but they also provide utilitarian value within the home.

Riga Coffee Table Square by Distinctify

Photography credit to Distinctify

Throw some shapes

It’s back to basics with this rule. Statement furniture is, funnily enough, about making a statement at the end of the day. Don’t be afraid to pick things that stand out. If you’ve gone for a modern interior design scheme, why not introduce a vintage staple to add some flair to the space? If your room boasts a lot of clean lines and boxy shapes, try accessorizing using variable shapes like this Falco Due Mirror. A bold piece that stands out from the rest of the furniture can be the thing that really sets your room alight.

Falco Due Mirror, Distinctify
Photography credit to Distinctify

Standout Statements

You don’t need a piece the size of a house to make a statement. Introducing prints and patterns to furniture will make a statement all on its own, regardless of the size. From cushions to lampshades, and even this slightly extravagant Gold Print Faux Cowhide Area Rug from World Market. The statement piece doesn’t necessarily have to be the one that takes up most of the space in the room.

Standout Statements by Distinctify
Photography credit to World Market

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