Side tables: an ideal addition to your home

April 13, 2017

Side tables: an ideal addition to your home

Photo credit to ArchiExpo

There are very few pieces that match the functionality and overall adaptability of side tables. They can be placed in any room without ever looking inadequate and are also able to occupy functions of any type. Usually a prerequisite for instilling comfort into your home, purchasing a new side table could be very beneficial if the decision is made right.

As you may have noticed by now, Distinctify showcases a wide array of contemporary side tables, with products ranging in materials such as tempered glass, metal, copper or sheesham wood; Distinctify can meet most customer requirements. If you take a look at our products, you’ll find they offer value which goes beyond beautiful designs. For instance, look at the Misto side table. The attenuated and graceful shape of this piece makes it extra convenient when used as a reading table (see picture below) and/or as a bedside table (see second picture below).

The Misto side table - Distinctify

The Misto side table - Distinctify

While advising you to use a side table as a nightstand isn’t breaking any news, it is nonetheless a judicious way to make use of it. As we’ve previously mentioned in our earlier blog posts, lighting is a vital element to every room. Displaying a statement lamp on top of your side table could also be a great way to make the former stand out!

Photo credit to Distinctify

Many believe picture frames should always be put up on the walls, think again! Placing them right beside your sofa is the way to go.

Options are practically endless when it comes to what side tables can do. Whether you use it as a TV remote storage location or as a support base for your small flower pot, purchasing a side table is always a wise decision!

The Tre side table - Distinction Furniture

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