Sit Back and Relax

Sit Back and Relax, Distinctify

Brace yourself for perhaps the most first world problem that has ever graced the pages of this site. A real catch-22 in my life is that reclining armchairs are potentially some of the most comfortable chairs available to us, but they are also hideously ugly. In the 90’s, it may have been cool to get smothered by squeaky PU leather that stank of stale cigarettes when you tried to get comfortable. But newsflash guys, just because Kate Moss is still cool doesn’t mean everything from the 90’s is too. We may have wanted to date Joey and Chandler from Friends, but we didn’t want to be them. I’ve been tracking down the perfect stylish alternatives to the classic American La-Z-Boy, so I can be a lazy girl but look damn good doing it.

The Macedonia Recliner

The Macedonia Recliner, Amazon

Photography credit to Amazon

From sideboards to beds and dining sets to sofas, mid century furniture is having a real moment right now. In fact, truth be told, mid century furniture has been having a moment for the last ten years. By definition, trends shift constantly, so what is it about mid century furniture that gives it such strong staying power? The answer is in its versatility. Not only can you find great pieces for every price point, but its clean lines and simplistic shape means you can play with colours and patterns to add character. This Macedonia chair is the perfect replacement for your retro recliner. Available in a wide range of colours, this classic button backed armchair looks both stylish and comfortable. Tuck the reclining shelf away when it is not in use and it still functions as a chic accent chair without becoming an eye sore.

The Henley Manual Recliner

The Henley Manual Recliner, Wayfair

Photography credit to Wayfair

Even for lifelong city dwellers, there’s nothing quite as welcoming as French Country Style decor. Rustic, warm tones create the ultimate cosy atmosphere, bringing a slice of the rural sticks into your home. You could step into a two bedroom flat in central London, the hustle and bustle of the city evident outside, but still feel relaxed by the neutral palette and soft finishes of French Country. People often mistake French Country for being a dated style, due to the classic buttoning on much of the upholstery. But in modern fabrics and finishes, like Wayfair’s Henley Manual Recliner, it feels fresh and modern with a touch of vintage. Like the classic recliner chair, the Henley is activated by a concealed lever, tilts backwards at the body and produces a well concealed foot rest. To the untrained eye, the Henley is just a beautiful addition your interiors. In reality it’s the perfect spot for a lazy afternoon nap.

The Strandmon Armchair & Ottoman

The Strandmon Armchair & Ottoman, Ikea
Photography credit to Ikea

Why don’t more people have Ottomans? 90% of them have storage for all those things you’ve no idea where to put. Magazines' from 2010 with those recipes you always promised to cook? Ottoman. That Manicure kit you’ve been meaning to take upstairs for six months? Ottoman. The real benefit of an Ottoman is that it looks really chic, but is essentially a glorified footstool perfect for kicking back. Paired with a wingback chair, like Ikea have done with their Strandmon armchair, using an ottoman as an alternate recliner also creates a statement focal point in your room. Store your cosiest blanket in the Ottoman so you’re ready to relax at the drop of a hat.

Amigo Sofa & Chaise

Photography credit to Distinctify

Now, we know not everybody has the space for a feature armchair in their living rooms. This period will historically be regarded as the decade of urban renters. Generation WHY do we all have box rooms and no social space, you know? Fear not though, you still have options when it comes to reclining. And you don’t have to compromise on having either a sofa or a reclining armchair. Corner sofas, like this Amigo sofa, are a perfect option if you're tight for room. They are just like regular sofas, but better. The added chaise means you can lie back to be totally horizontal if you fancy it, or prop yourself up and stretch out your legs for the comfiest movie night you’ve ever had. The Amigo, available in a range of sizes and finishes, is tailored to keep you comfortable.

Eames Lounge Chair

Eames Lounge Chair, Pink Apple
Photography credit to Pink Apple

Yawn, we know you’ve probably heard enough about the Eames Lounge chairs by now. But there is a reason they are so popular (if not so affordable). Eames are famous for creating furniture designed to positively impact people's lives. Using intricately molded plywood, Eames creates architecturally impressive and structurally reliable furniture. The Eames Lounge Chair has become an iconic staple amongst the interior design world. First released in the 1950’s, the Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman has truly stood the test of time. Where the La-Z-Boy’s leather look made it appear dated and distinctly tacky, Eames’ fresh take with a polished wood base and classic leather finish stop the chair from looking tired, despite its age.

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