Sleek kitchens with a contemporary design

It’s safe to say the kitchen occupies one of the most essential roles in your home. It is only natural that you should try to make it as functional and appealing as possible. You may have already come across several issues that made you rethink your whole kitchen setup. Whether it was the damage that’s been piling up over the years (like cracked tiles, broken appliances …), or maybe your kitchen doesn’t fit your lifestyle anymore and a change has been long overdue? Reasons to redesign your kitchen are endless and there is too little time to discuss them all. So, let’s forget all that and let’s feast our eyes with these stylish and modern kitchen designs.

We all need a little inspiration from time to time.

A sense of cozyness

Long gone are the days when kitchens were only used for cooking. As can be observed in the picture above. This is the archetypal modern kitchen, its open plan living (configured for cooking and dining), and multi-functionality turns this kitchen into a living space that brings people together. It also harbours a relaxed and timeless feel with an opening towards the garden. The mirrored effect of the flat-panel cabinets create a sense of depth while also reflecting the natural light.

Sitting pretty

This stylish open plan kitchen offers a splendid panoramic city view thanks to its floor-to-ceiling windows. The mix of stainless steel finishes and the integrated appliances gives this kitchen a seamless look. All and all a simple layout making for a very pure and clean design. Perfect for someone who likes to keep things orderly. Let’s just hope you are not afraid of heights!

Join the dark side

A kitchen fitted with a rather masculine essence (enhanced by its flat-panel cabinet style as well as the volcanic black lacquer). The simple kitchen configuration keeps distractions to a minimum, which isn’t a bad thing if you are trying to get the job done efficiently. The vast quantity of cabinetry is more than enough to contain all the important utensils and cutlery. Meanwhile, the Marfil marble adds that extra glow to the flooring.

Final note: if your kitchen is older than 10 years, then an upgrade is strongly recommended. Modern kitchens may not be your thing, but it has to be said that they most definitely use the space you have more efficiently, devise a great emphasis on new technologies and multi-functionality; not to forget...they look great! Food for thought.

What do you think? Please do not hesitate if you wish to share some designs that may have come to inspire you as well.

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