The McQueen: A Distinctify tour of one of the trendiest bars in Shoreditch

Planning a group night out in London can be tricky. We are blessed with so many options that it is easy to become completely overcome by choice. Add into that 10 voices with 10 different ideas and it becomes almost unmanageable. Are you destined for another night at Joe’s apartment just because it is easy? How about drinks at one venue, eating at another and dancing at a 3rd? The choices and possibilities are endless. One venue that solves all of these problems however is Shoreditch mainstay, McQueen. Named after the king of cool himself.

Based in the streetwise East End, the interiors combine walls stripped back to brick with polished softwood floors and sumptuous brown leather. Steve McQueen, the Hollywood actor, cultural Icon and motorsport hero, is used as design inspiration for the entire bar. McQueen has it all, a wonderful restaurant, a buzzing cocktail bar and a cracking club. All 3 areas flow together with the glamour and glitz of Hollywood.

Steve’s racing days are focused on in the bar, highlighted by these gorgeous brown leather arm chairs with Stainless steel legs, their shapes echoing the exhaust those of a race car. Coupled with the luxury of Hollywood evident in the deep brown leather sofas it defines a new design philosophy “mechanic chic”.


The style Icon is evidently represented throughout Dezzi McCausland’s bold design. No corner is untouched by the rough and ready Shoreditch design. Those more taken with the finer things shouldn’t shy away as the design incorporates wonderful touches of the elegance and class throughout ensuring every guest can enjoy lavishing in all things McQueen.

McQueen is an inspiration to us all to be bold and confident. Don’t shy away from dark furniture. Paired with the right accessories such as light reflecting chandeliers, mirrors, spotlights and textured fabrics, dark furniture can work for everybody.

Check out some of our favourite Distinctify products to bring some Steve McQueen inspiration into your home:

The Azione floor lamp (see picture above) instantly reminds us of the lights of big Hollywood film sets and this scaled down version is wonderfully versatile for your home.

Steve McQueen’s sheer enthusiasm for anything with an engine has us thinking about the motion of the Dente mirror (see picture above). Inspired by the cogs and wheels of anything that can go from 0 to 60mph in a matter of seconds it will add some speed and drama to your walls.

Audrey Hepburn, a glamazon of a bygone era is the ultimate female icon. Our print ( see picture above) is sure to add instant finesse to your home.

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