Stylish bedrooms with contemporary interior designs

Bedrooms are seen as the archetypal forms of tranquil retreats. And a contemporary design is in truth best in creating that edgy and homely vibe we have all aspired to capture. This style can take many forms and it’s one of the most versatile and flexible. Here is a small selection of contemporary bedrooms that we find to be exemplars of visionary and sleek designs.

Geometrical designs

Contemporary bedrooms tend to showcase straight walls, sharp lines and straight edges (very few accents). As can be seen in the picture above, furniture is kept simple. Neutral colours are prominent for contemporary bedrooms. And they were beautifully applied in this case. The grey walls create a pleasant sense of intimacy and cosiness, as well as a darker, somewhat more dramatic feel. The painting hanging behind the bed underlines the symmetry between the two bedside tables, while also highlighting the central role of the bed below.

Monochrome accents

Natural lights and beautiful monochrome accents truly bolster a cool, calm atmosphere (very much like the bedroom pictured above). Small amounts of greenery and artwork create a soothing feeling. A minimalist design also makes it simple to adapt. The light and airy decor makes this bedroom the ideal ‘getaway’ spot. Perfect for someone who longs for a clean and uncluttered lifestyle.



Elegant color contrasts

Contemporary bedrooms may also exhibit utilization of contrasting colors. This very bedroom generates an elegant color contrast, with a combination of white, purple and black. The white walls and the white ceiling give a neutral and soothing feel. All the while, the dark purple feature wall creates a rich and sophisticated vibe. Albeit positioned behind the bed, the feature wall still provides punch to the room.  

So now that you know some of our favorites, why don't you let us know some of yours?

Lewis Forst

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