The best coffee table books for 2017

January 13, 2017 1 Comment

The best coffee table books for 2017

Making a home truly special is not just down to the furniture you put in, it is down to what you also put on it. In many ways coffee table books are some of the best ways to inject your personality and interests into your home life more specifically than anything else. A pillow with dogs on hints at a passion, however The Encyclopedia of Dogs on your coffee table answers all questions. 

Inspired by this we thought we would go and gather our favourite coffee table books out at the moment to give you some ideas as to how you can better express yourselves at home. 

The Lego Architect

The Lego Architect

Buildings are great, beautiful and fascinating. But more fascinating it amazing buildings built out of lego. This book uses gorgeously shot images from around the world, and translates them into miniature Lego structures to introduce readers to varying building and architectural styles. Why can't we learn about everything with Lego? 

Living With Pattern

Worried about using pattern in your homes? So are we, luckily we have textile designer Rebecca Atwood to guide us. This book helps to take the apprehension out of layering pattern into your home, and does it in a way that highlights the best assets of each space.

Cabin Porn

Don't worry this is safe for work. Rather than a book your father may have hidden in his sock drawer this is filled with stunning photography of rural cabins and stories of inspiring people who decided to design and create their own homes. Warning, dreams of off-grid living have been known to form after reading this.

Life on Instagram

Instagram is now a verb, every moment in life is now "instagrammed" whether it deserves to be or not. This photographic collection brings together some of the best shots of life on planet earth captured by the public.

100 Interiors Around The World

Well we had to put something about interior design in here. This is a collection of some of the best interiors from across the globe. Full of ideas and different styles, it’ll give you inspiration for your own home.

1001 Movies You Must See Before You Die

Compiled and updated every year by cinema aficionados this is ever changing list is sure to hold anyone's attention. This is the latest version, so includes films from this year as well as classics. Worth buying for the amazing film stills alone.

Love From Boy: Roald Dahl's Letters To His Mother

This wonderful collection follows their Roald Dahl's correspondence with his mother throughout his life. It takes you from from childhood to World War II and even his time as a diplomat and spy in Washington. 

Ansel Adams: 400 Photographs

This is the full spectrum of Adams' work in a single book for the first time. It offering the largest available compilation from his legendary photographic career, great for you and your guests to thumb through.

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