The easiest ways to implement a Minimalist style

Anyone can embrace the many facets minimalism has to offer. That’s part of the reason why it’s become so popular over the years. While it is a somewhat approachable interior design style, no one should try to venture into redecorating and refurbishing without getting a bit of advice first. Here are some basic tips to follow before you start to create your own minimalist interior haven.

Clear space

Let’s start with the obvious. Decluttering  is never a bad thing and will actually help towards clearing your mind, lowering anxiety and sometimes depression. We naturally accumulate unnecessary objects that just need to go! Donating items and replacing superfluous furniture with multi-functional pieces are always an option. Minimalism is about embracing simplicity and preserving harmony.

Narrow down your colour scheme

Take a look at your walls, your furniture, your artwork and accessories, how many colours can you count? This is important to know, as this will help you figure out what’s the right colour scheme for your  interior. Remember: keeping it tonal is key! You should only have similar colours at home (preferably neutral ones). Any colours that do not complement the dominant scheme should be disposed of at once. Do not forget to add a few linens, wools and handmade accessories; this is to prevent your room from looking sterile and unwelcoming.   

Keep it simple

Begin by adding features that will balance the colour of  your furniture. Your goal is to enhance the function of your room, not distract from it. Be consistent. Stick to simple things. Supplement your empty dining table with a feature floor lamp. Add mirrors to reflect all the particles of light your room can muster. Conversely, steer clear of ornate detailing and carvings.

Be efficient with what you have. Tidy up your floors. Clear up your walls. Find storage space for your belongings. It is time to give a second life to your home.

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