The Essence of Italian Design

It is difficult to put your finger on what constitutes Italian design. Rather than being able to explain it, it is widely regarded that one just knows Italian design. If you look at the Italian furniture industry as a whole you will see a wonderful variation of design transporting you from the classical all the way to contemporary on the design spectrum. 

At Distinctify we look to bring the essence of Italian design to you. Here are our top 3 things we focus on when designing our products to ensure we capture the essence of Italian design. 

1. The marriage between form, function and materials. 

Italian design cannot just be put down to one thing. It is a marriage of form, function and materials that is so distinct it cannot be described. Italian furniture looks to mix glass, metal, luxurious veneers and all other kinds of materials together to create something dramatic, interesting and achingly beautiful. 

Cattelan Italian Sideboard

2. It is all about scale and proportion

Look at any Italian furniture piece and it is clear that its silhouette has been at the forefront of the designer's mind.

Swan Chelsea Armchair

3. The mood

Italian furniture tends to have a personality, a mood so to speak. In our opinion for any piece of furniture to be considered as having an essence of Italian design it needs to bring with it a unique personality. Without it it's just another ordinary, utilitarian piece of furniture and at Distinctify we don't do ordinary.

Cattelan Eliot Keramik Table

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