The rising trend of multi-functional furniture

Photo credit: Rob Lewis

Global population is rising, cities are becoming denser, and this in turn, has had repercussions on the way we live. Wide open living spaces have become an increasingly rare commodity forcing people to search for clever ways to save space.

Multi-functional furniture is enjoying somewhat of a renaissance period, fashionably merging form and function to cater for this cramped 21st century existence. Far from utilitarian a lot of these pieces look pretty damn good!

Ingenious in design

In the past the white panels of this coffee table would have been dead space, an area on which to rest a mug or candle. However new requirements mean new ingenious ways of releasing this dead space. In this example each white block slides open to reveal a deep storage area, perfect for those photography books, board games and all other clutter. 


 Optimal for saving space

A penchant for entertaining and a small apartment is often a recipe for disaster. Where are you going to put that 6 seater dining table when you don't have people round? You can't clear all of your furniture out of the way indefinitely. That's why the Aprire console table is perfect. By day it is a sleek, minimalist console table, but as night draws in and the cutlery comes out and transforms before your eyes into a spacious 6 seater dining table. 


A departure from single-purpose furniture

Multi-functional furniture is growing in popularity by the day. In this chaotic world of iPhones and Uber we are not satisfied with a table that is just a table anymore, in the same way that we rail against a phone that...just makes calls. Multi-functional furniture offers efficiency, unconventional design and great value for money. Who wouldn't want 2 tables in one?  

Do you own multi-functional furniture? How has/would it help your living space? Tell us what you think in the comment section.

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  • Lewis from Distinctify on

    Good morning JC,
    You can find out more about our Aprire Console Dining Table on the product page by clicking on the following link :
    Kind regards,
    Lewis from Distinctify

  • JC on

    Hi, I like the idea of that console table. Where can I find one like this?

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