The Summer Holiday Edit: 5 Great Locations For Every Kind of Getaway

The Summer Holiday Edit: 5 Great Locations For Every Kind of GetawayPhotography credit to Distinction Group

If you’re looking for the perfect distraction from a mild case of sunstroke, or for something to break the monotony of applying aloe vera to your sunburn on the hour every hour, then you’ve come to the right place. Though most of us are still soothing the sun burns from a scorching May bank holiday, those three days of sun have given us a taste of the high life. Leaving the house without a jacket after 7 pm is not something to be taken lightly in these parts. Now, as we return to our desks somewhat redder, but certainly more chipper than we were when we left on Friday, all that we can think about is our next opportunity to get back out and into the sunshine. The pointed emails from travel companies have begun to trickle into inboxes with a telltale ‘PING!’ as every new offer arrives. It’s definitely that time of year, after a long and cold winter it is finally time to book your summer holiday. Whether you’re travelling with an abundance of offspring, or just your significant other we’ve found an idyllic holiday made to measure. To maximise your envy-inducing tan from your selfie perfect girls trip, we’ve included destinations from the far-flung corners of the world with notoriously reliable sunny weather. Reliable weather forecasting, can you believe it really exists in some places?

The Family Friendly Trip - Soneva Fushi, Maldives


Photography credit Conde Nast Traveller

Believe me, as the youngest of five children I’m acutely aware of the sense of dread that comes from holidaying with kids. First, you have to conquer the travel, will they sleep on the plane? Have we got all the passports? Has the youngest managed to yet again misplace their comfort blanket seconds before the flight boards? And all this before you even leave the country. It’s best to make sure that your destination is perfectly equipped for both you and the kids to have the most amazing holiday possible.

Soneva Fushi resort in the Maldives is the best of the best when it comes to entertaining your youngsters whilst you’re away. They launched The Den in 2016, a specifically kids only zone boasting two swimming pools, a library and games room, a cinema and a room specifically for lego. There’s a zipline through the jungle and mocktail bar waiting at the end for your too-old-for-lego teens. Not only are your children thoroughly entertained, you’re banned from going in The Den with them. It’s the perfect opportunity to relax with a book of your own. Remember, it’s your holiday too.

The Romantic Getaway - Cas Gasi, Ibiza


Photography credit Cas Gasi

If you hear the word ‘Ibiza’ and cringe, unable to stop the images of foam parties and four o’clock finishes from penetrating your mind, the only treatment for such a predicament is a stay at Cas Gasi. We prescribe at least a 7-day stay in this luxury boutique hotel. Cas Gasi couldn’t be further from the raucous party scene that has become synonymous with the Island. You’re unlikely to find yourself at a pool party with the cast of The Only Way is Essex whilst holidaying here. Located in the centre of Ibiza, it’s a stone's throw from the Islands delights but remains secluded amongst the pine forests for the perfect romantic escape.

Getaways at Cas Gasi are guilt free too, all their fruits and vegetables are grown on sight, they make their own olive oil and keep chickens to source their eggs. Even the remaining meat and fish is sourced from local free range farmers. The eco-friendly hotel rooms are built from converted barns and stables. Cas Gasi is a slice of rural luxury in central Ibiza, so secluded you and your partner will feel like the only two people on the island.

The Girls Trip -  FIVE, Palm Jumeirah Dubai  


Photography credit to Distinction Group

It may well be a bit of a pipe dream to get the girls together and rent out the penthouse suite, fit with plunge pool and two personal bars on the 15th floor of the FIVE Palm Jumeirah. But in fact, when staying at this hotel you could be in a regular double and still feel like a celebrity. Located on the thriving man-made island, Palm Jumeirah, FIVE hums with the excitement of its surroundings. Dubai has seen a tidal wave of expansion in recent years. With hotels run by robots and housing rainforests, as well as the introduction of flying taxis Dubai is unlike anywhere else in the world. This will certainly be a trip you and your friends will remember.

The resort boasts a whopping ten restaurants, three swimming pools and 650 feet of beachfront. You can have an adventure at FIVE Palm Jumeirah without even leaving the confines of the resort. Choose from patisseries to full Italian dinners, or just perch at the Beach bar for a liquid lunch after a relaxing facial in one of the fourteen treatment rooms.

The Detox - Almyra, Cyprus


Photography credit to Tripadvisor

After you’ve lived it up on your holiday with the girls, you’ll certainly need to go away and cleanse. Even if all you’ve done is spend the weekend with your inlaws, or deal with a colleague who chews gum loudly at the desk next to you, you deserve the opportunity to detox from the stress and chaos of daily life. I happen to think that sleep is one of the best things in the entire world, so I was sold on the idea of Almyra the second they mentioned sleep enhancing therapies such as reflexology. Other treatments include oriental head massage and reiki, a healing process transmitted through the palms of hands, followed by signature baths and yoga classes. You’ll come home unable to stop talking about how balanced your chakras are.

The Culture Club - The Mandarin Oriental, Munich


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If packing for your holidays involves putting your walking boots, a map and a history of the city book into a backpack and that’s the extent of it we recommend spending your days wondering around the cultural hub of Munich. While Berlin tends to be the more talked about German city, Munich certainly has as much to shout about. And it’s not just great for guzzling beer during Oktoberfest. Munich has fashion, art and architecture aplenty. From its innovative galleries like The Brandhorst Museum to its lively community projects, the German city that for a long time was predominantly known for its football has a veritable smorgasbord of cultural delicacies to enjoy. But don’t disregard the football altogether, Bayern Munich’s stadium the Allianz Arena is an incredible feat of architecture with unparalleled acoustics.

Relaxing at the Mandarin Oriental, Munich after a long day tramping the pavements is the perfect way to wind down. You’ll be waited on hand and foot by the 24-hour concierge, and the remaining staff have a famously reliable knowledge of the best sites in the city. It’s this personal, familial nature that gives the Mandarin Oriental its charm. As close to home as you’ll find in a boutique hotel.

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