The World Is Tidying Up

Welcome to 2019, where the crippling sense of impending doom that intensifies every day is being tackled by tidying up. In the face of Brexit and building walls, 2019 offers up a clean and tidy house. This year, Marie Kondo took her tiny turquoise book to televisions all over the world to spread her life changing magic of tidying up. But things haven’t stopped there. People are making actual physical money on the internet from allowing people to watch them clean. No, not in a weird Desperate Housewives webcam kind of way. Instagram user Sophie Hinchcliffe has over 300,000 followers addicted to her tips and tricks for making household chores fun. So, whilst outside the world may be burning, inside everything’s under control.

Now that you’ve culled everything in your life that doesn’t bring you joy and organised everything you still own into categories of usage, it’s time to tackle finding a place to keep it. We’ve collated our favourite storage options to help you, but with a 2019 inspired twist. Not only will they exist to keep your house tidy of clutter, they are also distinctly easy to keep clean. The #HinchArmy would be proud.

Lustro Chest of Drawers - £599

The Lustro tallboy has a smaller surface area than standard chests, which means less space to collect dust. In a smooth grey lacquer, both the drawers and the frame are easily wiped clean. But to quite literally top it off, there is an easily cleaned glass top on the Lustro to avoid chipping away at its high gloss lacquer finish. And as for storage, not only does it boast four large soft closing drawers perfect for storing clothes (vertically folded, a-la-Kondo), but the top lifts to reveal a vanity mirror and yet more space for cosmetic storage.

Ventura Dresser - £919

Much like the Lustro chest of drawers, the Ventura dresser is made in a high gloss lacquer that is incredibly smooth and easy to wipe down. But in addition, the coated chrome can be polished to within an inch of its life to really make it gleam. In a fresh, neutral colour and with clean bold lines it will keep your design scheme looking spick and span. And with four huge drawers for storage, it serves its purpose and then some.

Gillmore Low Bookcase - £519

There’s nothing more satisfying that cleaning a glass surface until you can see your own face in it. That’s why Gillmore Space’s low bookcase makes this list, because its three glass shelves are so satisfying to clean that they are worth having just for that. They are also a great and unique storage tool as you can separate what you store using the dark oak drawer inserts.

Croce shelving unit - £369

Now, whilst the Croce’s multiple open surfaces may look like a dust mites daydream, it is also incredibly satisfying to get right into the corners with a duster. So, if like a lot of Instagram, you enjoy the process of cleaning up you’ll get a real kick out of it. And even though it does have a lot of surface area, there are no hidden depths or angles so it's incredibly easy to maintain and is made in an engineered oak that simply wipes clean needing little-to-no care to keep pristine.

Leonardo Tall Cabinet - £1,209

Leonardo is cut from a different cloth to all our previous examples. It’s a totally different style; more imposing, less neutral and designed specifically for more modern, eclectic design schemes. It’s got all the storage you could want and more hidden behind its four black oak veneer doors. Black Oak might seem a strange choice to some, but its dark exterior can hide all manner of sins. Spillages and rogue children with errant felt tip pens are easily combatted with a wipe down, and even if there’s slight residual staining nobody can tell with a piece this dark.

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