Top 5 best bedside tables

Top 5 best bedside tables

We happen to think that bedside tables are the unsung heroes of Interior Design. So often forgotten in favour of more ‘important’ things, bedside tables are frequently left out of the design and budgeting process leaving you with whatever you could get from the reduced section in Homebase. Not that I’m speaking from experience, of course…

But when you consider all the things that a bedside table can do for you, it probably deserves a little more respect. It holds that sacred glass of water for when you wake up with a mouth dryer than the Sahara after a heavy night on the town. How else would you get up for work if it weren’t for having an alarm clock, or your phone perfectly placed on your bedside table? It holds your current captivating read, your glasses and that scented candle that helps you wind down. But it’s not just functional. Given that the bed is the focal point of the bedroom, it’s a no-brainer that you want the furniture surrounding it to be equally as attractive. Take a look at some of our suggestions for bedside tables you’ll be delighted to sleep next to.

The Companions

For those of you with a creative streak, we know it’s important for you to feel inspired in every aspect of your life. Why not carry that over into the bedroom? No, we don’t mean it like that. This Twentytwentyone ‘Companions’ bedside table is an extraordinary feat of design. Slight and refined, it doesn’t compromise on storage solutions with a convenient removable cork bowl beneath its top. It’s the perfect place to store your phone overnight, so you’re not tempted to check it when sleep evades you.

Companions bedside table, Twentytwentyone
Available at TwentytwentyOne - £1,344

The Lustro

Some things were created to make a lasting impression. The Lustro Nightstand does just that. Its imposing grey lacquer frame, its strong silhouette and high gloss are bound to catch your eye. Industrial chic is a trend that’s not slowing down anytime soon. You can inject a touch of it into your bedroom in the form of the Lustro’s geometric steel legs. It is fitted with two handy drawers for you to fill with all those things you’ll never get around to using again.

Lustro Nightstand, Distinctify
Available at Distinctify - £239

The Metalwork

For a slightly less imposing foray into industrial chic, try the West Elm ‘Metalwork’ Bedside Table. Using refined proportions and clean lines this taller alternative to a nightstand manages to retain its delicate glamour, despite using industrial strength materials. In crisp black, the ‘Metalwork’ bedside keeps it neutral. Meaning you can integrate it into any design scheme at the click of your fingers. Well, that and a little bit of heavy lifting!

The Metalwork by West Elm
Available at West Elm - £299

The Tozzo

You can never beat a classic and they don’t come much more classic than in the form of earthy wooden finishes. Introducing wooden tones into your room helps bring a natural feel. It can stop a room from feeling too austere with its warm brown tones. The Tozzo Nightstand showcases the classic attributes of a great bedside table: practicality with its two dark walnut drawers, elegance with a sleek modern touch.

The Tozzo Nightstand, Distinctify
Available at Distinctify - £199

The Mandarin

Your bedroom will always be your safe place. After all, your bed would never hurt you. It is a place for you to unwind and shake off the stress of the day. It should also allow you to feel comfortable and reflect your personality.

     So, if you’re a little more on the extravagant side, try Orchid Furniture’s bedside table (Black Lacquer Tall Bedside Cabinet) from their Mandarin collection. Hand-made from Chinese elm, it couldn’t be more luxurious. With optimum storage and elegant detailing, this ornate bedside table has both beauty and functionality in spades.

The Mandarin by Orchid Furniture
Available at Orchid Furniture - £595

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