Top 5 coffee table trends to look out for in 2018!

Here's a short compilation of the most important trends that you need to look out for before purchasing your next contemporary coffee table this year:

Glass is back!
Top 5 coffee table trends to look out for in 2018!

Photography credit to Distinctify

While some may be reluctant to purchase glass tables because of their relative fragility and difficult maintenance; it is undeniable that a well designed glass coffee table is a beauty to have (see Riga coffee table above)! Their transparency makes numerous elegant colour coordination possible, as well as a variety of decor options. 

Make it pop!

Colourful side tables, Distinctify
Photography credit to Distinctify

Only on rare occasions will you find a living room fitted with a coffee table in a bold hue; most homeowners will play it safe by selecting a table that’ll abide by the sofa colour scheme. Times are changing however, as we’ve finally discovered that pairing a colorful coffee table with a neutral sofa is the far more sensible approach! After all, it is much cheaper than replacing your colorful sofa when revamping the living room. From the striped B & W coffee tables to the bright blues and yellows, why don’t you try out something unique and fun this 2018?

It’s all about storage

Photography credit to Trendy Products

Who said your coffee table was only meant to hold your mug of tea? Doubling your coffee table’s functionality with extra storage is a great way to save space. Many contemporary coffee tables showcase integrated bookshelves as well as capacious drawers to hide away your living room clutter. You’d be right in saying that this is hardly breaking news, but it is worth mentioning that functional furniture is still as popular as ever!

Keeping a low profile

Low coffee tables, Shirley Anne Sommerville
Photography credit to Shirley Anne Sommerville

Although coffee tables have usually been the same height as the sofa (sometimes a bit lower), many predict that ultra-low coffee tables will become valuable commodities this year! They will bring a different concept to the living room.

Keep it simple!

Simple coffee tables, Distinctify
Photography credit to Crowdy House

You probably have already noticed, Minimalism is in. We've been able to observe coffee tables going back to basic designs. Muted colours, raw materials and unadorned features are in full swing!

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