Our Top 5 Favourite Chest of Drawers Designs

Photography credit to Distinction Group

We all have that lazy habit of piling clothes on that one bedroom chair, it’s fast and easy to do. Unfortunately, all you’re left with is a messy pile of clothes that just sits there making your room look neglected! Purchasing a chest of drawers can change all of that! The best solution for easy and organized storage, chest of drawers are highly spacious and can make for beautiful centerpieces!

Here are our 5 favourite Chest of Drawers to save you from bedroom chair nightmares:

Distinctify Petto Chest of Drawers

The Petto Chest of Drawers - Dark Walnut - Available at Distinctify.com

The Petto’s deep drawers were superbly engineered to accommodate a substantial amount of storage space. This is a stylish and yet understated piece that’s sure to easily fit within your traditional or modern home interior. Our favorite details are its smooth dark walnut finish and clean stainless steel handles. A chest of drawers that simply screams good taste!  

Amalfi Tall boy

The Amalfi Tallboy -  Available at Amode

This chest of drawers makes for a superb centerpiece with its remarkable, rounded shape and distinguished silhouette. The intricate veneering is a true demonstration of beautiful craftsmanship.

Tetris Chest of Drawers, Italian Living

Tetris Chest of Drawers - Available at Italian Living

A very edgy design, the Tetris playfully uses contrasting colours (yellow, dark and light grey) to attract the eye. Ideal for those who are looking to add some colour, whilst sticking to a simple and minimalist look.

Kabino Dresser, Houseology

Kabino Dresser - Available at Houseology

Clean contours with natural light brown edges bringing warmth to this classy monochromatic design. Contemporary and a little bit scandi. It would go perfectly with a light and bright colour scheme, allowing you to add colour with accessories and trinkets.

Tomasella Bogart Tallboys, Robinson's Bed

Tomasella Bogart Tallboys - Available at Robinson's Bed

The Tomasella Bogart Tallboy is a very pretty and luxurious piece, showcasing distinctive drawer fronts with exquisite rounded edges. It’s integrated handles are a great example of well thought out design and it’s ability to take something utilitarian and turn it into the star of the show.

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