Top 5 round mirrors for 2018

Perhaps it’s the reluctance to come face to face with your full reflection after Christmas bingeing or simply something in the water, but there’s a new top mirror trend in town this New Year. Pinterest predicts that in 2018 it’s going to be all about circular wall mirrors. Searches for chic round mirrors have risen by 35% according to the image curators newest trend updates, and this is no accident. When placed above squared off, block furniture such as sideboards and chests of drawers round mirrors can smooth out the harsh angles of a room. So why not round off a great 2017, by entering 2018 ahead of the curve. Here are our recommendations for the top 5 round mirrors in 2018:

Give your home a metal edge

Madedotcom mirror

Whether you carry over a top trend from 2017 and use rose gold, or introduce a more industrial copper variety, frame your round mirror in metal. Like this one from

Offset this against brown oak in your hallway, or against crisp white tiles in your bathroom to add a touch of glamour and style to your home. Light bounces gently off the metallic edge to brighten spaces that ordinarily may not see the sun. Add bright green indoor plants in round pots to the equation to increase the circular flow and brighten up those dark January mornings.

Hang your mirror

John Lewis, mirror

Have you got areas of dead space on your walls that you’re scratching your head over? John Lewis suggest you hang your circular mirror.  By doing this you utilise the space and introduce varying shapes to your décor. Top the look off with photo frames, rectangular or circular if you prefer the space to look busier and want to add that all important personal touch.

Strength in numbers

Distinctify, Terzina Round Mirror

With the circular mirror trend coming on fast and showing no signs of slowing down, there’s no need to stop at just one. Use multiple circular mirrors, like this Distinctify Terzina Round Mirror. With three round mirrors in varying sizes, you can customise your multiple mirror placement to give your room a unique sense of charm. Place it in an entryway, above a sideboard with fresh flowers to counteract the playful bubble like mirrors. As an added bonus, you get to avoid the daily scuffle as you and your other half attempt to do one last appearance check before you rush out the door.

Try Alternative Glass

Hotel for Life, Mirror

Vintage, shabby chic and up-cycling have dominated furniture trends across previous years. And in 2018 they’re going nowhere fast. Update the trend by introducing a vintage feel to this fresh home improvement, using speckled glass instead of plain reflective. Pair this Hotel For Life example with patterned floor tiles and dark walls to give your modern home a throwback feel.

Go large 

The White Company, mirror

It’s hardly top-secret information that mirrors are the ultimate weapon for making a room appear bigger than it is. Expand your entryway with one large circular mirror, like this bestseller from The White Company. Have fun with your mirror placement! Whether you take advice from the seller and place it on the floor, or hang it at the end of your hallway, this great piece will give the illusion that your house miraculously doubled in size over the New Year.

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