Why a bevelled mirror should be your next purchase

As you may have already noticed by now, we do showcase a certain amount of bevelled edge wall mirrors. While we take great pride in their splendid design and eye-catching features, bevelled edge mirrors bring so much more to the table than aesthetics.  

What’s the difference?

With their unique angled edges, bevelled edge mirrors have a talent for standing out. These edges provide the mirrors with a more gilded, delicate look that accentuates their frame. Performing as a centrepiece at one’s home is not just their sole function - bevelled mirrors actually offer plenty more advantages.

Safety first

Due to the nature of their fabrication, bevelled edge mirrors are in fact considered to be safer than regular mirrors. Why? Well, the process of creating the mirrored-slant means the sharp corners and edges are consequently smoothed out due to the polishing and grinding of the edge, eliminating smaller defects - so you needn’t be concerned about safety.

Matchmaker for any colour scheme

So... you’re looking for a mirror with a border but not keen on adding any extra colours - bevelled edge mirrors are the simplest solution; whether it’s rectangular, floor-standing or a small and circular wall-mirror - a bevelled edge will always be flexible with your decor.

An all-around improvement

A bevelled edge mirror can make a dimly lit room look very enticing thanks to the angled/concave edges reflecting more light; helping the room appear much larger. If this wasn’t already good enough, bevelled edge mirrors are usually higher in quality than a regular glass mirror as the glass used is sturdier and thicker, therefore usually heavier in weight.

What’s your say? Any other qualities we might have overlooked in this article? Feel free to let us know what you think in the comment section.

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