Why buy furniture with a laminated finish?

Laminated finished furniture gets a pretty bad rep. Large furniture makers producing boring flat laminated chipboard products have made the market think that these finishes are only good for one thing, being cheap. 

What no one ever tells you is that laminated products have a number of significant benefits over using solid wood and veneers.

It is cheaper

Yes laminated furniture is cheaper than many veneered or solid wood options, but it also has a longevity, durability and ease of care that can match or even better either of these.

It is environmentally friendly

In most cases laminated finished products are made using non premium wood as the core. This does not mean a reduction in strength or durability, but instead that more of the tree and different woods can be used to make the core. When trees are cut down to make the core of furniture made with laminated finishes it is usually the lower quality trees that are removed from the ecosystem. This creates less competition for the premium trees to be able to thrive and prosper. 

Get the look with none of the hassle

Our Distinctify laminated finished products are created with beautiful wood grain effect reliefs, creating a product with the warm look and feel of real wood. However with real wood susceptible to warping, cracking, expanding and contracting, our laminated finished products are simply superior. A wipe down with a damp cloth and they look as good as new. No more worries about placing a hot cup of tea on the surface or water rings appearing from a cold glass of water as it is resistant to all of the stresses and strains of daily life. 

In the furniture industry there is a certain amount of snobbery towards veneered and laminated furniture. Solid wood is seen as the highest quality and best material to make products out of. This could not be farther from the truth. Veneers specifically are seen as the preferred materials for some of the finest furniture manufacturers in the world, and have been used to create beautiful luxury furniture for over 3,500 years when the ancient Egyptians discovered the process. Laminated finishes like veneers are increasing in popularity because of the benefits listed above but also due to the increasingly sophisticated finishes that are able to be achieved. 

Next time you are out shopping for a new piece of furniture for your home take a moment and don't turn your nose up at the laminated options, you may find they make the perfect piece for your home, and you might find your friends will never even know. 

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