Why everyone needs an armchair!

December 13, 2017

Distinctify, why everyone needs an armchair

Photography credit to th2designs

This year 2018, why not make a statement and add a stylish armchair to your home decor? Whether you’re trying to add to your existing set of chairs or just purchasing a standalone piece, you should only settle for the comfiest, most sumptuous armchair available. 

Cebatech, living room with armchairs

Photography credit to Cebatech

While armchairs are popular for their splendid designs and unparalleled comfort; they are also excellent for your back and posture! They provide more support as they take the pressure off your lower back and disperse all the weight onto your entire back. Now here are two stylish armchairs that you might want to consider as your next purchase:

Distinctify, Piolo Armchair

Piolo Armchair £799 - Distinctify

A retro style piece fitted with an edgy copper finished metal rod frame and refined grey fabric. This design will work wonderfully with any neutral color interior. 

Nest, Fauteuil de Salon

Fauteuil de Salon £1,890 - Nest.co.uk

Conceptualized by acclaimed French engineer Jean Prouvé, the Fauteuil de Salon integrates simple surfaces into a unique armchair structure. With juxtaposed solid wood armrests and sturdy steel legs, this dark grey statement chair is a true showstopper. Supplied with very comfortable seat and backrest foam cushions.

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