Why purchase wood veneer furniture?

Photography credit to Linda Berner

Contrary to popular belief, wood veneer furniture possesses a wide range of qualities and benefits that you may have never discovered before. We’re here to let you know what those benefits are and why veneered wood is a preferred choice for many.

Firstly, do you actually know what a veneer is? Veneer is a very thin panel of wood that can range from paper thin to around 5-6mm thick. A Veneer panel can be applied to anything but is typically glued onto core panels, chipboard, MDF or even solid wood.

Distinctify Lunato Walnut Coffee Table

Photography credit to Distinctify

Veneers are easy to match

Veneers are malleable, they can be designed to give a broad range of wood finishes. With solid wood furniture you tend to get a pretty standard grained finish. It looks ok but is often nothing special.

Did you know that much of the most sought after antique furniture available is actually made with wood veneers? This is because you can use veneers of exotic of expensive woods that would otherwise be unsuitable for furniture to create truly stunning pieces. Often the most interesting solid woods are just not strong enough to make furniture out of.

Cattelan Italia Eliot Wood Drive

Photography credit to Cattelan Italia

Wood Veneers are also able to accommodate a broad range of colors, they can be easily personalized from light to dark hues with polish or stain.


Horizon Custom Homes Samples

Photography credit to Horizon Custom Homes

More reliable than solid wood

Considering the fact that the core boards the veneers are attached to are less inclined to move or bend, veneered furniture actually possesses better stability than solid wood furniture. Solid wood furniture expands and contracts much more than the core of veneered furniture, which over time can lead to warping and cracking.

Cattelan Italia Skorpio Wood Dining Table

Photography credit to Cattelan Italia

Last but not least: If appearance is more of a concern to you than materials, you may find that buying wood veneer furniture instead of solid wood furniture is a more economical alternative. Something to think about next time you are redesigning your house!

It is more sustainable

When using veneers you can make loads of pieces of furniture, often thousands, from just one tree. This is because the wood is taken off in super thin strips and adhered to cheaper boards made with the leftovers from industrial processes. If you were to make the same tree into solid wood furniture it wouldn’t produce anywhere near as many items. When thinking about the environment this is a huge issue. An oak tree can take decades to grow but only minutes to cut down. The more solid wood furniture we buy the more trees will be cut down and the worse off our environment will be.

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