Extending dining table
Extending dining table

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Now's your chance to play the part of the glamorous assistant that always seemed so appealing in your youth. But don’t worry, no one is going to attempt to saw you in half. The Federico Extendable Dining Table practically requires a full demonstration with swooping hand gestures and Hollywood smiles whenever somebody new comes across it. Unlike many other extendable dining tables, the Federico doesn’t compromise on style. Framed in art deco style polished chrome legs with a weathered oak top, the table mixes the natural and the industrial for a modern finish. It’s worth throwing a dinner party just to show it off.


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Dimensions -
Width: 1200-1600mm
Depth: 900mm
Height: 740mm

Details - Dining table made from weathered oak and polished chrome. 

Assembly - Some assembly required.


Extending dining table


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