Bed frame with headboard and canopy frame (Double)
Bed frame with headboard and canopy frame (Double)

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Forget about the princess and the pea, the Federico Canopy Bed is more like the punk rocker and the pea. Its gargantuan matt black frame mixes gothic styling with modern metallic finishes to keep you feeling like a rock star even when you’re setting your alarm for 6 am to sit behind a desk all day. Four poster beds have often been considered the height of luxury. But considering the Federico also comes with a deep green velvet upholstered headboard and classic buttoning,  you surely can’t get much more luxurious than this.


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Dimensions -
Width: 1440mm
Depth: 1990mm
Height: 2113mm

Details - Double bedframe with headboard and canopy in matt black and green velvet. 

Assembly - Unassembled. Two man assembly required.

Bed frame with headboard and canopy frame (Double)


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